Instant Feedback

Check Point helps your business easily collect on-site customer feedback.

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Simple, Affordable Survey Solution.

Check Point is the fastest, easiest way to survey customers visiting your store.

  • Touch screen survey device.
  • Present the survey with a check or a receipt.
  • Custom surveys designed by you.
  • Access to continually updated reports.
  • Real time notification via text or LRS pager on specific responses

Feedback Matters When It’s Immediate.

Get real customer reactions to your business before they go. With Check Point, you’ll know immediately what’s working and what’s not.

Benefit: Easy To Use
Easy to Use

Provide guests an engaging tablet-based survey to measure customer satisfaction or gather feedback on new product ideas.

Benefit: Enhanced Productivity
Enhanced Productivity

Send text or paging alerts when negative feedback is received, giving managers the option to respond before customers leave.

Benefit: Analytics and Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Measure customer satisfaction over time and across locations to identify trends and improve service levels.

*Displayed rates are U.S. only. International rates may vary.

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