Deliver food faster

Table Tracker is a table location system that identifies where guests are sitting so you can deliver food faster.

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Table Tracker

Deliver it right, deliver it fast, every time

Stop the run-around

You've seen it - food runners walking in circles searching for customers to deliver their order. They circle the floor until a customer waves them down. Stop wasting time searching and start serving your customers

Shave a minute off every order

Time saved is time better spent elsewhere. Whether you're looking to cut costs, or reallocate staff to more important things, any way you slice it, a minute off every order adds up to significant savings.

Boost customer ratings

Customers know and socially reward quality experiences. Table Tracker gives you a leg-up so you can spend time on what's most important to your long-term viability - your guests.

Get smart

Knowing your delivery metrics is important in maintaining a consistent, quality brand. Table Tracker's reporting on-site and online aggregated data provides store managers, regional managers, and owners the unique insight each needs.

Built by Restaurant Technology Experts

Proprietary technology developed from the inside out; only from the expert engineering you've come to expect from LRS.

Quality Support

The LRS team is available throughout the process and at all times to help implement, launch, and serve your business.

Table Tracker

How it works

  • ORDER A tracker is given to a customer when they order.
  • LOCATE The Tracker identifies the customer's table and broadcasts its location.
  • DELIVER The food runner references the order view to identify a guest's location and delivers the food.
  • ANALYZE Orders are color-coded to indicate if they're on-time, nearing their goal, or late. Reports keep management informed of trends and opportunities for improvement.

"My staff loves it — my food runners don't waste time circling the restaurant looking for customers. Table Tracker tells you where to go like a beam of light."

Johnny Carrabba Owner & Founder of the Original Carrabba's and Mia's

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Operate More Efficiently

"We shaved a full minute off delivery times."

Michael Johnson Jason’s Deli Regional Manager

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Elevate your Guest Experience

"[Table Tracker] absolutely allowed us to provide a better dining experience."

John Secretan Owner of Zinc Cafe

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Manage Smartly with Insight

"Management loves [Table Tracker] because it gives them visibility they didn’t have before."

Cody Pierce Pizza Ranch

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What's Included Give customers the level of service they deserve with the Table Tracker system.



Broadcast location of guest for table delivery. Page customers when to-go orders are ready.



Wirelessly connect Trackers with the full Table Tracker system.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Display order status, identify location of guests, and page guests.



Be invisible with under the table tagging, or use above the table options either indoor or outdoor.

Setup and Hands-off Maintenance



Your LRS implementation team will design your Table Tracker table location system to best fit your layout and your business.



Installation experts visit your store to set-up the system any time convenient to you. Best of all, it's a "set-it and forget-it" system with no maintenance required by you.



Before you launch, LRS will train and educate your team on best practices learned from our nearly 10 years of location tracking experience.


Only LRS' table location system is maintenace-free because trackers are re-chargeable and long-lasting. Coupled with the LRS warranty, your system is guaranteed. Also LRS location tags are permanently on. No need for a power source, no need to check if batteries are operating, and no need to continually replace expensive batteries.


Our warranty covers all Table Tracker hardware, which options to extend it up to three years. Covered equipment includes Trackers, Gateways, and Repeaters.


Table Tracker customers receive expert support. Our staff is by your side from implementation to operational support - we've got your back.