On Cue Wait List Management Solution

Simply Powerful

The only wait list application that notifies guests using both SMS messaging and classic pagers.

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On Cue

The simplest way to manage a list

On Cue features incredibly fast guest entry and status indicators to make sure wait expectations are being managed properly.

On Cue: Easy guest entry tools.
Easy Guest Entry

Better manage the busiest hours by adding guests to the list in three easy...

On Cue: SMS notifications.
SMS Notifications

Communicate effortlessly with guests using SMS messaging

On Cue: Works with classic pagers too.
Classic Pager Notifications

Notify guest using our classic LRS Coaster Pagers

On Cue: Custom text messaging.
Custom Text Messaging

Improve the guest experience by tailoring the notifications guests are receiving

On Cue: Instant guest status.
Guest Status tools

View status indicators to make sure expectations are being set and met properly

Easily view table and seating availability.
Table Management

View and update table availability to quickly seat guests and turn tables.

Need an Enterprise Solution?

Netpage Unlimited makes reception areas run smoothly. Easily manage multiple queues of guests waiting for service from various departments, and connect guests with staffers during their visit with messaging options including classic pagers, SMS texting, or email.

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