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Retail Solutions

Better Communication for the best Service

Improve guest experience with LRS systems. Notify customers in real-time, reduce wait times and stay in constant communication with staff. Enhance your establishment with our waitlist management tools and staff communication software. Experience unparalleled service with LRS tools.

Serve guests faster

Provide on demand service and assistance

Faster response times

Improve staff productivity and efficiency

Why Retailers Choose LRS

Store operators looking for quick and easy ways to reach their staff and improve customer service choose LRS.

Locate staff quickly

Minimize machine downtime

Remind groups times for different meetings & duties

Minimize emergency response time

Eliminate "telephone tag"

Eliminate the overhead paging system

Queue Management

Wait List App

Use LRS Connect to let customers choose how they want to be notified when it's their turn for services that may take some time. Customers can choose to get a text message or a pager from LRS.

Guest Paging

Stand Alone Paging & Texting Systems

Notify waiting guests with an LRS guest paging systems. Turn tables faster and deliver a better waiting experience.


Customers can request help

Get push-buttons from LRS to let customers easily request help in fitting rooms, spas, and other areas without disrupting their experience.

Push For Service

Staff Paging

Notify Staff

Replace noisy overhead paging with an LRS staff pager or SMS messaging. Communicate with staff instantly and let them know where and why they’re needed.

Door Sensor with Paging

Silent Arrival Notification

Get notified when customers walk in the front door without loud doorbells or buzzers. Reduce noises that may disrupt – perfect for pet daycare facilities looking to keep pets calm and happy.

"The paging system helps us make every client feel like they are the first and last guest we ever have."
Sara Vanderhoof, Spa Director, The Kura Door Holistic Spa

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"It works perfectly for what I was looking for. I love the system. It does everything I would like it to do. Our employees are more aware and efficient. They can serve our customers more quickly. It's definitely sped up service for sure."
Jesse Clark, Owner, Pets R People 2

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"Within the first 90 days of renovation and use of the paging systems, the dealership was already experiencing a 20 percent increase in revenue year over year."
Greg Mayy, Owner, Honda

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"Donors are kept productive until time to donate. It makes both the employee and the employer happy."
Johnna Pevey, Director of Blood Recruitment, United Blood Services-Lubbock, Texas

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