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Restaurant Paging, Tracking & Communication Solutions

Create great experiences, increase efficiency and provide excellent service to keep customers returning.

faster seating, more tables, Better staff productivity, and food delivery = Better guest experience = repeat customers & higher revenue.

Improve the guest experience

Increase check averages

Deliver food to the table faster

Build customer loyalty

Why Restaurants Choose LRS

Learn how our solutions have helped restaurant industry leaders increase their bottom line.

Improve guest experience

Turn more tables

Increase check averages

Deliver food faster

Measure and analyze performance

Build customer loyalty

Guest Paging

Stand Alone Paging & Texting Systems

Notify waiting guests with the original LRS guest paging systems. Turn more tables faster and deliver a better waiting experience.

Queue Management

Electronic Waitlist with Paging & Texting

Our online messaging platform, LRS Connect, lets you manage your list on any smart device. Manage multiple lists, create custom messages, page or text, review reports and much more. Our most flexible and feature rich solution.

Table Tracker

Guest Location and Order Delivery

Quick serve and fast casual restaurants find customers immediately and deliver food faster with Table Tracker.

LRS Table Tracker For Restaurants

Staff Paging

Wait Staff and Food Runner Paging

Restaurants keep servers focused on their guests by notifying them via pager when orders are up with an LRS server paging system.

Restaurant Staff Paging Solutions

Push Button Paging & Texting

Push for Service Solutions

Give guests the ability to notify your staff from their table. Improve customer experience by providing on demand service.

Push For Service
"The average service time has gone from five minutes down to three and a half minutes."
Ara Iskenderian, Co-Owner, Zankou Chicken

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"The pagers literally saved me an entire person in terms of labor. They make your lives infinitely better"
Jeremy Scott, Owner, Tutta's Pizza

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"The pagers drive consistency to a process, and when your process is consistent, so is your customer experience."
Stacy Howlett, Co-Owner, Coaches Burger Bar

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"The employees don't feel rushed and the customer is not tied to a certain spot while they wait."
Tal Sasson, Owner, The Pita Post

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"Our customers and staff are amazed (with Table Tracker). A lot of people haven't seen the system in use before and are impressed by how it works and how the pagers communicate with the kitchen."
Edwin Arreola, Operations Manager, Labriola

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