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Hospital & Medical Pagers

Better Communication for the best Care

The LRS Paging Systems help hospitals to quietly alert the staff or patients and family members who are waiting.

Discretely notify waiting patients and family

Improve organization and efficiency

Organize and manage patient wait lists

Improve employee communication and response times

Why Health Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctors Offices Choose LRS

Healthcare providers seeking smarter solutions to improve the patient experience choose LRS.


LRS patient and staff pagers offer the newest in guest paging technology, design, and features.


LRS’ friendly and knowledgeable experts are ready to help you with any questions you may have.


LRS equipment is dependable and useful in supporting a HIPAA-compliant business by discreetly messaging patients.


LRS Connect offers options for managing both multiple waitlists and messaging staff.

Six Ways Healthcare Providers Use LRS

Message patients, guests and staff quickly and quietly with an LRS paging system. These are a few of the ways LRS helps hospitals, medical facilities and doctor offices every day.

Patient Paging

Waiting Rooms & Pharmacies

Give patients an LRS pager at check-in to notify them discreetly and instantly when the doctor/nurse is ready to see them. This also can reduce congestion at a pharmacy counter. Page patients when you are ready to see them or when their medication is ready.

Push for Assistance

Staff can quickly request assistance.

Notify medical staff instantly with call buttons located throughout the facility for efficient assistance.

Push For Service

Medical Staff Paging

Roaming Staff

Use a special device or text message instead of loudspeakers for calling staff. This way, you can quickly locate them and tell them why and where they are required.

VEN-U Operations Management System

Analyze Service Times

Track wait times using LRS waitlist software and find opportunities to improve turn-around times.

"We got NetPage Unlimited up and running before we opened the doors to our new hospital because it is at the heart of our patient experience."
Sheila Underwood, Director of Health Access Management, Texas Health Huguley

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“With LRS Connect, pharmacists and clerks become more efficient with patient throughput in the drive-thru, as well as delivery for contactless, curbside pickup.”
Bill Osborn, President, Osborn Pharmacy

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