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Casino Paging & Communication Solutions

Serve your guests faster, enhance the customer experience and increase revenue

We offer communication tools to enhance customer experience and stand out in the competitive casino industry. Our tailored solutions address wait times and subpar service to ensure attentive and personalized service for valued customers. Partner with us to elevate your customer service.

Easy to use - Plug and Play

Serve waiting players and guests faster

Organize and manage wait lists

Improve employee communication

Why Casinos Choose LRS

Easy to use - Plug and Play

Unlimited range

Best service

Solutions for any budget

Longest warranty

No monthly fees


Notify waiting guests with text message or an LRS pager

Use LRS Connect to manage your waitlist and notify guests with any internet connected device, allowing your guests to move around freely. This will increase efficiency, serving more guests faster.


Notify servers and food runners when orders are ready

LRS server paging systems improve food delivery, increase tips, and boost sales.



Service at the push of a button

Make it easy for guests to get help or ask for what they need using LRS push button paging systems. They can order or request service right from their table, or use the push button as a doorbell to get staff attention.

Push For Service
"One thing that really tipped me over the edge to LRS was the fact that the representative talked about her product and didn't waste my time bad mouthing the competitors as another company did. She answered my questions, worked within a tight budget and was extremely patient with the process I had to go through to purchase the system. I was very impressed with LRS and the service I have received."
Debra Munson, Children’s Pastor, Springs of Life Foursquare Church

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