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3 examples of success – technology innovations in fast casual

The fast casual segment is continuing to shape the restaurant industry. In our increasingly connected world, new technology is playing a huge part in improving business operations and pushing competition to step it up a notch. Fast casual restaurant operators are adopting technology solutions to address customer expectations, such as guest pagers and table location management tools. These technologies improve the customer experience while driving proficiencies and reducing inefficiency in staff and operations.

Here are three white papers that showcase how these innovations are changing the industry. Learn about the evolution of fast casual, how one restaurant shaved an entire minute off food delivery times and how table location technology is giving businesses more insight into their operations.

1. The Evolution of Fast Casual


Fast casual restaurants, with their upscale ambiance and promises of higher quality food, continue to be the driver of restaurant industry growth.

But as more brands enter the segment, the stars of the fast casual segment will have to modify their model to continue that impressive growth by incorporating new technologies, expanding their menus and stepping up the service they offer their customers.

2. Case Study: Delivering a Better Burger


To improve ambiance and overall guest satisfaction, Mighty Fine Burgers decided to implement LRS’ Table Tracker.  Learn how the restaurant was able to see measurable results immediately upon installing Table Tracker, shaving more than a minute off guests’ wait times.

3. Taking a look at Table-location Systems


The fast casual segment has seen tremendous growth over the last 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down. With growth comes increasing competition, as new fast casual brands are popping up on nearly a daily basis. The operators who thrive will be the ones who take advantage of every opportunity to gather as much information as possible to maximize the efficiency of their businesses.



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