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3 Ways Technology Has Changed the Country Club Experience

Technology is the only way of communicating with guests on the personal level they've come to expect in an always-connected world.

Country clubs specialize in offering guests luxury amenities. From A-to-Z, club members are paying for the best guest experience. Today, technology makes it possible for guests to communicate with staff on the level they’ve come to expect in an always-connected world.

With wireless and cell phone paging, country clubs can offer that personal touch at a reasonable cost. Here’s a look at three ways country clubs are using technology to enrich the guest experience:

1. Less Wasted Time for Guests

Is there anything worse than arriving on time for an appointment, say a tee time, tennis lesson or massage, only to find that things are running behind? Sometimes, there’s no way to avoid schedule changes. There is, however, a way to give the guests more flexibility so as to not waste their time.

Some clubs use cell phone paging to alert guests of a delay. That way, the guest can run errands or make other use of their time while waiting. When the tee time or lesson is ready, you can send them a page via text.

Or, if they’re already on the premises, you can offer guests a wireless pager. That allows them to grab a drink or a snack instead of being confined to one area.

Both of these paging options are a great way to turn a possibly frustrating situation into something positive.

2. Improved Guest Service

Whether guests are golfing, on the tennis courts or in the spa, chances are at some point they’ll be interested in a beverage, snack, meal or other service.  Push-for-service buttons are a simple, efficient way for guests and staff to communicate. By placing menus and push-for-service buttons in lounge areas, driving range bays and spa centers, clubs open up more opportunities for customers to receive the level of service they expect.

3. Increased Staff Productivity

One of the biggest appeals of a country club is the sense of luxury and the promise of relaxation. Members expect a quiet, pleasant atmosphere and noisy loudspeakers used to summon employees can have a negative affect on the guest experience. A better solution is to use two-way radios or alphanumeric paging solutions to silently and effectively manage staff.

These simple solutions will certainly improve member reviews of the club while also increasing staff efficiency.



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