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‘At the Touch of a Button’: 3 Uses of Pushbutton Notification to Improve Sales, Customer Satisfaction

Somewhere in the history of advertising, a bright agency exec (think Don Draper or Peggy Olsen here) first used the phrase “at the touch of a button.”

Here’s betting the phrase worked to sell whatever they were advertising, and here’s why: People love the convenience of getting something done with one easy motion. Just ask Staples, who in 2003 launched a new tagline “That was easy” and an entire campaign based on the push of the “easy button.”

While most people think of wireless pagers when considering advanced paging technology, the pushbutton pager remains a great way to raise customer satisfaction.

While most people think of wireless pagers when considering advanced paging technology, the pushbutton pager remains a great way to raise customer satisfaction.

And while most people think of wireless pagers when considering advanced paging technology, the push-button pager remains a great way to raise customer satisfaction, boost productivity and improve sales “at the touch of a button.”

Here’s a look at three distinct use cases for push-button paging systems:

On the Beach: The Luxury of Service on Demand

Convenience has become such a cornerstone of our society that many people will sacrifice items such as high thread-count sheets or a hot tub for a hotel that offers service perks like poolside paging. The whole point of going on vacation is to relax and let someone else do the work, right? Guests don’t want to worry about getting set up at the hotel pool or a beachside cabana only to have to pack up and lose their spot just to get another drink or something to eat.

That’s why LRS launched the Butler XP, or Beach Butler, a 100-percent weatherproof paging system that can be placed on pool chairs, tables or cabanas. The battery-operated pager can transmit customized messages up to a quarter-mile, farther than any other comparable product. That means large-scale waterfront resorts with umbrellas or cabanas on the beach can offer this service to each guest just like smaller hotels with pools.

Beach Butler devices, which come in colors to match a resort’s color scheme, are programmed to send a custom message to specific employees who carry compatible pagers. (Those same pagers, by the way, could be used by the kitchen to alert servers when the order is ready.) The push-button device is attached either directly to a table or chair or hung from a beach umbrella with an easy-to-attach umbrella clip.

In addition to keeping guests happy with prompt service, the devices actually increase sales. Think about it. If guests know they will have to leave the beach to get something to eat or drink, they’re either going to bring their own or just decide they don’t want anything. But if you give guests the option of ordering whatever they want without leaving their spot, the potential is enormous.

For hotels and resorts getting more comfortable in the digital age, poolside paging is the next logical step. It may seem like a leap, but it will put you miles in front of your competition.

When Discretion is Needed: Healthcare Uses

In interoffice situations, there are many circumstances that require the ability to communicate in an unobtrusive way. Such is the case within hospitals and health clinics.

Push-for-service paging systems, such as LRS’ PRONTO, enable staff members to silently send a variety of customized messages without violating patient privacy. For example, a doctor or nurse can request staff support with the push of a button. Or, a nurse can communicate that a patient is ready to see the doctor, or that the patient is ready for X-rays.

PRONTO’s 4-inch, round device, with either one or six buttons, runs off a UHF frequency (as opposed to VHF) to deliver a crisp, high-powered signal through walls and ceilings without interference from the electronic equipment critical to healthcare operations. The device can be placed anywhere — on any surface, mounted to a door jam or wall or even under a desk or table for maximum discretion. Messages are beamed directly to alphanumeric pagers that page, and re-page, staffers until they clear the request.

There are three big benefits to a system like this. First, you can eliminate distracting noise from overhead paging, a factor in customer satisfaction. Secondly, you protect patient information and stay within the bounds of federal privacy laws. And thirdly, you increase efficiency and productivity by speeding up communications.

In Retail: When You Can’t Find Someone to Help You

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wandered around lost in a big-box retail outlet looking for an employee to help you. We’ve all been there. And, chances are, we spent less money when that happened. Or, we just walked out angry and spent nothing, never to return.

Push-button paging systems installed strategically around your store can ensure that customers have somewhere to turn when they can’t find a box of No. 2 course screws or need to report an out-of-stock item. Applications for the retail environment include placing them near locked merchandise cases, dressing rooms, service counters and pickup areas.

Devices generally come in two types:

  • A slim, low-cost device that can be attached to almost any surface and can have either one or five buttons, with each button programmed to silently alert a staff member or manager who wears an alphanumeric pager.
  • A more robust push-for-service device, with one or three buttons, that can beam a signal up to a mile. These systems also can monitor staff efficiency by alerting a manager if customers aren’t assisted within an acceptable time.

Retail outlets, including service-oriented shops such as day spas and salons, can realize increased customer satisfaction, better staff attentiveness and efficiency and reduction in noise from overhead paging.

From a customer service standpoint, there’s no better way to make guests feel important than to put service at their beck and call – with the push of a button.

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