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Basic Pager Care Practices

CS7_WoodFor all current customers using LRS pagers, find the best practices below for cleaning your equipment. Prolong the life and durability of your pagers with these simple, LRS-approved steps. For any additional questions, email or call 1-800.437.4996.


LRS pagers are made from industrial-strength, polycarbonate material.  However, this material is susceptible to hairline cracking if non-approved cleaners are used.  When cleaning LRS pagers, we recommend only using ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANERS that do not contain chloride and chlorine derivatives.

Approval for these cleaners must be submitted to  A list of ingredients and the MSDS sheet may be submitted and we will research the cleaner and provide approval.

To clean the equipment:

1. Take a clean cloth and approved cleaner.

2. Soak the clean cloth with the approved cleaner.

3. Wipe down the pagers or equipment.

Cleaning equipment with any other non-approved cleaners can weaken plastic and cause hairline cracks. Pagers and equipment that are cleaned with unapproved cleaners and suffer cracking will not be covered under warranty.

Do not submerge any LRS paging equipment in any type of liquid as this will also damage the equipment and is not covered under the standard warranty.


Place rechargeable pagers on the charger and let them charge for 8 hours prior to first use.

Rechargeable pagers should be kept on charge even during extremely long periods of inactivity.

Only 10 VAC power supplies should be used with LRS chargers and transmitters. DC power supplies will cause damage to equipment that is not covered under the standard warranty.



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