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Case Study

Guest Pagers Boost Revenue and the Guest Experience at Bayley’s Camping Resorts

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Guest Paging

“Using the guest pagers has been a very positive experience. It’s a system that we’d definitely recommend to anyone else.”


Bayley’s Camping Resort, located on the beach in Southern Maine, offers the ultimate experience in resort camping featuring activities, entertainment, beach shuttles, pools, hot tubs, dining and much more. Owner Gaelan Bayley calls it the “Disney World of Camping.”


Bayley’s Camping Resort features two on-site dining options for guests. At Seaside Square Café, campers can order food fast-casual style and eat it in the dining room of the restaurant or take it to go. Little River Bar & Grill offers food to go that can be enjoyed poolside or taken back to a campsite.

Both restaurants had challenges notifying guests when their orders were ready. The staff were calling out names and searching for hungry diners huddled around a noisy and chaotic food service counter. Guests felt tethered to the waiting area and the constant calling out of names disrupted other diners enjoying their meals.


Bayley’s started using guest pagers from LRS at both its restaurants. When guests place a food order, they are given a coaster-style pager that lights up and buzzes when their order is ready.

The restaurants no longer have to search for guests or yell out names. Guests are free to roam nearby attractions and shop while waiting for their meals. Restaurant operations benefits from an organized and foolproof method for delivering fresh and hot meals to hungry guests.


Better guest experience:

Owner Gaelan Bayley says that since Bayley’s started using LRS guest pagers, there hasn’t been a single guest complaint about the food ordering process. Rather than feeling chained to the restaurant, guests can be with family at the pool or entertainment complex or visit the General Store while waiting for food. They aren’t impatiently waiting while straining to hear names being called. The dining experience in the restaurants is also improved with a more peaceful ambiance, free from food pick-up chaos and name announcements.

Increased revenue:

Handing guests a pager gives them freedom to roam while waiting for their food to be ready. Bayley’s General Store is right next to the restaurants and carries groceries, RV and camping supplies, clothing, souvenirs, gifts, beer and wine and more. With the security of having a pager, guests often spend wait time browsing in the store. Browsing turns to buying and the General Store gets incremental shoppers and purchases. “We saw an immediate uptick in store traffic after deploying the pagers,” said Bayley.

Improved organization:

Using the guest pager system helps keep the wait process smooth and organized. There is no confusion with finding guests or keeping track of who has picked up their order. The pager system eliminates human error and increases operational efficiency.

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