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Bematech Partners with Long Range Systems (LRS) to Create a Better Customer Experience

Long Range Systems (LRS) and Bematech have partnered together to create a more efficient way of alerting guests and staff that a food order has been completed. LRS develops tracking and messaging technologies that help service-based businesses provide a better customer experience. Customers using LRS trackers or pagers can now message guests and staff directly from their Bematech Point of Sale (POS) and Kitchen Display systems (KDS). Users can also view the area of the restaurant or the table where guests are seated within the Bematech KDS system without having to reference a separate LRS tracking application.

Bematech customers can enter LRS pager or tracker numbers within the POS system, set rules for paging customers or staff upon actions within the POS or KDS system (like a bump of an order from the kitchen), or view the location of a guest within the KDS. The Bematech KDS offers multiple views of the guest location either directly within the order tiles, or via a separate tracker location list view. The collaboration reduces the need for additional equipment and associated costs while streamlining the process for serving guests. Bematech is able to extend services offered via its software and equipment at no additional cost to the customer.

LRS’ open architecture enables companies like Bematech to locally coordinate with APIs that reside within LRS hubs that control location tracking and messaging. This removes the need for additional LRS software applications or screens to separately managing table location tracking or guest and staff messaging.

“Through this collaboration, LRS is thrilled to offer restaurant operators simplified solutions that significantly improve processes; when utilizing LRS pagers or trackers, Bematech customers can keep staff aware of a guest’s whereabouts, or page guests or staff directly from Bematech’s software.” – Michelle Strong, Chief Marketing Officer, LRS.

About Bematech

Bematech has over three decades of Point of Sale expertise in the United States with a global presence covering over 37 countries.  Bematech prides itself on providing complete hardware and software solutions to meet your POS and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) needs. The company offers top-notch manufacturing, warehouse and technical support within the United States. Bematech is a one stop shop servicing a wide range of customers from SMB to enterprise businesses. Providing tailored POS solutions to help automate your business and increase your bottom line.

About Long Range Systems, LLC
Since 1995, Long Range Systems has been dedicated to developing technologies that help service-based businesses provide a better customer experience. Businesses need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff. From messaging devices to guest management applications, LRS provides a better means for managing customer flow.


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Kayla Kelly
Marketing Manager, Bematech
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Christen Lazarcheck
Marketing Manager, Long Range Systems, LLC



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