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Communicating to the Modern Customer with Paging and Texting

In Modern Communication, One Size Does Not Fit All

At LRS we’ve seen it all – from retail, restaurants, healthcare, churches, manufacturing facilities and so much more, we create solutions to effectively communicate to modern customers. We listen to the unique circumstances and needs that each business has, and build a customized solution including pagers, SMS texting, or in some cases both. We walk our customers through the benefits and drawbacks of each option in order to provide the most optimized guest communication system.

LRS Guest Pager CS7Pagers Will Never Go Out of Style

Whether it is a restaurant with a table that is ready, a service center with a repaired car, a warehouse bay with packages ready for pickup, or a health clinic ready for the next patient, paging systems are relied upon by service-based businesses everywhere.

• Simple: Systems are ready to go out of the box, and little to no training is required; an advantage in the high-turnover service industries. From the guest’s perspective, pagers are completely intuitive and require no explanation.

• Tethered: Pagers create a “tether” keeping the potential customer close while they wait, whatever the service may be. Text-based notifications offer more flexibility, but can lead to wait list abandonment.

• Extremely Reliable: Waiting areas can be busy and loud, but a pager’s vibration, sound and LED lights cut through noise. Pagers solve some of the challenges of texting, which can include low cell service, phone volume, battery life and more. Pagers function even in underground facilities, and as far as the length of a football field.

• Integrated: Pagers are easy to integrate with wait list software, point-of-sale and kitchen display systems, opening up operators to a host of data on wait times.

• Customizable: LRS pagers have customizable elements including the ability to add your logo, colors and even small advertisements to the pagers.

• Affordable: Unlike many other applications, there are no ongoing software fees or infrastructure requirements with paging systems.

Example: A healthcare clinic located in the basement of a building may not be the best fit for SMS text messaging due to cell phone receptivity. LRS provides pagers that can pick up a signal virtually anywhere, with a football field’s length of range.

iphone6-restaurantBYOP (Bring Your Own Phone)

When guest enter a business, it is very likely that they are already carrying a paging device: their personal cell phone.

• Personal: From the guest’s perspective, receiving a text is completely intuitive and just requires their personal phone number.

• Flexible: SMS text notifications allow the guest to roam with no limits.

• Customizable: Texts can be customized to alert guests when their service is ready, and also to inform them of your business’s latest promotions.

• Affordable: SMS texting is offered in monthly packages, ranging in quantity. Package volumes can be customized for every size business.

Example: A restaurant located in a shopping mall may want to offer their guests the flexibility of SMS text messaging so that they can continue to shop while they wait for a table.

guest-pagers-red-and-iphoneBringing Together the Power of Paging and Texting

At LRS we help you work through all the possibilities, and many businesses find themselves harnessing the power of paging and texting to provide flexibility to their customers. There are scenarios where customers do not wish to provide their cell phone number, they have international cell phone numbers, or their battery has died; all of which brings us to why some businesses maintain a stack of pagers as well.

Example: A local restaurant typically provides customers with pagers, but for wait times of an hour or more, they offer SMS text notifications so that customers can shop, roam and return closer to when their table is ready.

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