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Case Study

Event Production Company Manages Exhibit’s Waitlist Seamlessly with On Cue App

Industry: Event Planning

“Pretty flawless in terms of the technology, texting, notification. I don’t have another solution that would replace it, I would certainly recommend it.”


One event production company’s sole goal is to create memorable experiences for clients and their valued guests. Based in Maryland, the company hosts a variety of high-profile outdoor events, festivals, private parties, galas, concerts and conferences.

It isn’t uncommon for this full-service company to coordinate large scale events that cater to elected officials and other dignitaries. These exquisite events call for great attention to detail and efficient operations to make each guest’s experience one to remember.


This event production company was recently commissioned to host an exhibit highlighting new space technology for VIPs in Washington D.C. The exhibit was a show-and-tell for the latest spaceship that could take seven people from Earth to the space station. With over 400 people in attendance and the actual show-and-tell taking place in a smaller room, the event producer needed a solution that would enable individuals to tour the exhibit for short periods of time, but still be able to enjoy the three hour party while they waited their turn. The goal was to be efficient and considerate of attendees’ time by eliminating lines to see the exhibit.


The company used LRS’ app On Cue to manage the exhibit’s waitlist for guests who wanted a tour. To sign up for a tour, guests provided cell phone numbers, which were then entered into the app to be put on the waitlist. Guests then received a text to confirm they were on the list and a separate notification, once it was their turn to take the tour. “The wait was up to one and half hours, so guests were able to enjoy the party knowing they were in queue for the tour,” said event producer.

Without an app like On Cue, the producer said there would have been no other efficient way to manage the queue. Guests would have had to spend the majority of the party waiting in line for their turn.


Improved guest experience

Rather than spending an hour in line for a five minute tour, guests were free to enjoy refreshments and mingle at the party. They had peace of mind knowing their place in line was secure, and they would be notified when it was their turn.

Improved staff efficiency

Staff was able to manage the waitlist easily with On Cue. To create a quick turnaround between tours, event staff paged guests when their tour time was up and paged the next group to come to the exhibit when their turn was next. This eliminated the need to search for guests that were spread out across the venue and created a simple system of managing tour groups during the event.

Seamless operation

Organizing large scale events with many moving parts can be a challenge. It also requires an understanding of logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.The On Cue technology was smartly leveraged to streamline operations and eliminate wasted time in line for attendees.

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