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Food Software Streamlines Communication

Food Software Streamlines Communication between Restaurant Kitchen and Staff

Staff communication in any restaurant is extremely important to the overall customer experience and satisfaction, and food software is available to streamline communication and increase efficiencies in your restaurant. Modern technology solutions can make your customers’ experiences more enjoyable and eliminate confusion and frustration among your staff.  Many restaurants are discovering that food software like Table Tracker can make communication between kitchen personnel and wait staff virtually effortless.

In the past, kitchen and floor staff communicated using only handwritten order tickets.

In the past, kitchen and floor staff communicated using only handwritten order tickets.

In the past, kitchen and floor staff communicated using only handwritten order tickets and raised voices. This not only was disruptive to the ambience of the restaurant, but it was also inefficient. Often, orders that were already prepared sat waiting for runners to deliver them, or runners wasted time on the floor trying to find the right table. Today’s food processing software systems, though, improve efficiency and ensure customers receive the right food, in a timely manner, when it’s still fresh, hot and delicious.

For fast-casual restaurants, one of the biggest challenges is the communication between the staff members in the kitchen and those on the floor. Table Tracker is a food software system based around an easy to use, prominently displayed, touch-screen PC, located in the expeditor area, between the kitchen and floor. When customers place their orders, a timer starts, and the easy to read, color-coded screen lets staff members easily determine how long orders have been in queue, where they are in the preparation process, and where they need to be delivered on the floor. Management is notified when an order is taking too long, and problems are easily handled before they escalate. Customers are happier, staff feels more of an ownership for their order timeliness and the restaurant’s overall performance becomes more fluid and efficient.

Whether you’re looking for food processing software or just a simple paging system to increase efficiencies in your restaurant, Long Range Systems has a solution for you, including live support seven days a week to make using their food software a breeze. For two decades, Long Range Systems has been at the top of the restaurant paging industry, creating durable products and innovative solutions for restaurants across the country. Visit more of the LRS website  for more information about food software and other restaurant management solutions.



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