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LRS Medical Paging Solutions

Keeping your staff informed and up-to-date on daily tasks and last-minute changes comes as a challenge to many businesses—no matter the size of the company. But, for many industries, a simple paging solution relinquishes others necessary problems. In the medical field, overhead paging risks violating confidentiality guidelines, while most common staff paging equipment limits the number of personnel that can be reached at a time. Thanks to LRS’ intelligent browser-based software, NetPage Unlimited (NPU), organizations can communicate with staff or customers in the most efficient way possible. NPU allows for instant, silent and detailed communication that adheres to HIPAA guidelines and transmits through any building type, regardless of location or range. With NetPage Unlimited, you not only have the power to regulate and systematize staff mobility, but will have the ability to easily generate electronic wait lists and personally communicate with customers via pager or cell phone—while simultaneously collecting wait time statistics.

Here at LRS, we hear a lot of stories about failed communication, especially on how ineffective communication between staff and waiting customers has harmed customer satisfaction levels and operational productivity—consequently, affecting revenue. Overhead paging messages are too commonly misinterpreted or ignored completely because of noise level or other distractions. That’s why LRS has developed several guest-paging solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses across and array of categories including hospitality, restaurants, medical, office buildings, child care facilities, retail establishments, and more. Therefore, any organization with waiting guests and can find a solution, program it with customizable messages, and realize the benefits immediately. By shifting away from the ancient pen and paper system to guest paging equipment, you won’t waste any more time and money yelling out names and trying to manage unhappy guests.

Still unsure about which communication tools will be best for your company? Check out how the University Of Central Oklahoma and BRAVO-BRIO Restaurant Group solved their communication problems!



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