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Case Study

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay And LRS Wireless Paging System

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Push for service

“The Butler XP system by LRS has tremendously improved our speed of service and frequency of orders.”


A premier Tampa Bay hotel, Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is a 35-acre AAA Four Diamond luxury hotel set along a wildlife preserve on the upper shores of the Bay. The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay features 445 spacious rooms and offers a unique retreat for the business traveler and vacationer alike.


The Grand Hyatt in Tampa Bay offers service providing food and beverages to their guests lounging poolside. “We were looking for ways to improve our attention to customers while increasing sales” stated Marc Vaccaro, The Assistant Food & Beverage Director. Their old method of operation required guests to wait until a server made the rounds or guests could make the trek to the bar area to order. With servers making rounds, a fine line exists between providing great service and bothering guests trying to relax. For guests with children or those who have belongings with them, leaving their chair wasn’t an option resulting in lost sales.


With a recommendation from another Hyatt property, the Grand Hyatt chose to implement the wireless Beach Butler push-for-service system. The Beach Butler system allows guests to request service any time without having to leave their chair. All it takes is the push of a button.

The Beach Butler system is staff friendly and more importantly, guest friendly. It’s simple for the guests who only have to press a button. It’s simple for the servers who only have to read the message on their pager and go to the chair requesting service.

The Grand Hyatt also chose to utilize the re-page feature. When a guest presses the button, a server is paged. When the server responds to the message and servers chair, they swipe their pager over the Beach Butler to cancel the page. With the re-page feature, if a server does not respond within a preset time, a reminder page is sent. If the server is still unable to respond and clear the page, the page is escalated and sent to a manager or supervisor who can respond to the request ensuring the guest receives superior service every time.


The impact from implementing the Beach Butler push-for-service system has been nothing less than positive. “Our guests like it, they think it’s a great amenity”, says Vaccaro “and out staff have no complaints, which means it’s a positive thing.” The Beach Butler system was implemented to improve attention to poolside guests and capitalize on lost sales opportunities. Vaccaro confirms, “The Beach Butlers have improved tremendously with expediting our service and the frequency of our service, we would certainly recommend this system to others.”

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