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Improve Beer Garden Service And Increase Sales With LRS Butler XP™ Paging System


Stoke on Trent, UK, December 11, 2007 – The Butler XP wireless paging system by Long Range Systems, UK (LRS) has been a popular solution to providing on-demand service in the U.S., where it was first introduced. Now, used globally, its benefits are also being realized among beer garden operators in the U.K. The Butler XP paging system provides a solution for beer garden operators that can help increase sales, and improve customer service.

The most significant benefit of the Butler XP is the Push-For-Service feature that allows beer garden guests to page servers when they want to place an order or need assistance. According to Jim Livingston, LRS Vice President of Sales, “Guests want to get the most out of their dining experience, and sometimes too frequent interruptions or too little interaction with the server can spoil their experience. The Butler XP eliminates the guessing game and allows guests to control their experience”. The Butler XP paging system is designed to provide a one-touch solution to providing service on-demand. Servers are also able to use their free time to sell more drinks and food, while customers enjoy their experience knowing that service is only a push of a button away. As a result, beer and food sales increase, and customers are more apt to perceive good customer service.

It is not uncommon to find beer gardens that accommodate seating for few, to hundreds, or even thousands of people. The Butler XP provides the range for instant paging that is necessary for the largest establishments. The Butler XP adds versatility to usage. Its 100% waterproof and tamperproof casing allows for indoor and outdoor usage. Additional features allow a choice of device colors, and multiple mounting options (umbrella clip/Velcro strap).

Using the Butler XP is simple. A Butler XP transmitter is located at each table. Guests press the button when they need service and a pre-programmed customized message is sent to the server’s pager. The server is then able to respond immediately to the customers’ request.

Christian A. Römmert
Managing Director
LRS Europe GmbH
+49 531 23547 25

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Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the innovation leader in guest, server, and staff paging systems since 1993. With over 35 products, the company is dedicated to providing onsite wireless paging solutions to various industries.



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