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LRS Launches LRS Survey for Real-Time Guest Experience Feedback


LRS Survey gives managers the ability to immediately respond to service issues

Dallas, Texas – June 05, 2013 – Long Range Systems, LLC (LRS), a leading supplier of on-site guest and staff paging, announced the launch of LRS Survey, a tablet-based tool for capturing real-time guest experience feedback.

“No longer do managers have to find out about a negative guest experience by reading complaints on Facebook or Yelp, long after the guest has left the restaurant” said Skip Cass, CEO of Long Range Systems. “Getting immediate feedback puts the manager in control of the guest experience and employee service levels.”

LRS Survey consists of an Android tablet loaded with a custom survey and a custom-fitted case with a credit card and check slip holder. The system transfers guest responses over Wi-Fi for immediate access to survey data. LRS Survey provides immediate feedback to a manager’s mobile device with a text message, giving them the opportunity to react to positive or negative comments before the guest leaves. Reporting can be tailored to individual business needs, based on the data most valuable to management. Multiple surveys can be loaded onto each device as well. LRS Survey also includes tech support seven days a week.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that respondents prefer to complete surveys via tablet devices for a variety of reasons, including the ease of use and immediate access to the survey. Also, they simply like using tablet devices.

In one study released last year, a group of respondents was asked by email to complete a web-based survey while a second group was approached directly with a tablet-based survey. The response rate for the first group was 48.7 percent; 72 percent in the second group completed the survey. Overall, 89 percent of respondents said a tablet-based survey is their favorite way to complete a survey.

LRS Survey provides the immediate benefit of on-site collection of guest feedback for accurate, consistent, actionable information that allows managers to instantaneously and appropriately react to both positive and negative situations. Over time, LRS survey helps companies understand and measure customer perceptions about operations, staff, products and services and environment. This data can further be used to level-set and benchmark goals and expectations for employees and multiple locations.

Dani Chandler
Senior Technical Marketing Manager

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems, LLC is the leading global provider of on-site paging, guest management and surveying tools. LRS solutions are used in a variety of settings, including: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, day cares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices and more. LRS owns 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction levels and increase sales.



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