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LRS Presents the Next Evolution in Guest Management

20 years ago, LRS saw a problem brewing in the crowded lobbies of restaurants everywhere – frenzied hosts and hostesses trying to manage long lists of hungry

With advancements in communications, tracking and measuring, LRS is evolving guest management once again with four new solutions and tools.

With advancements in communications, tracking and measuring, LRS is evolving guest management once again with four new solutions and tools.

customers over the din of a busy dining room.

So we invented a better way – and the guest pager was born. Since then we’ve never stopped innovating.

We’ve also introduced table location technology, waitlist management, digital customer survey tools and more. With each of these solutions, we’ve pushed the evolution of the customer experience forward and have helped increase the efficiency of restaurant operations.

With our advancements in communications, tracking and measuring, guest management is evolving once again. Just in time for National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show 2015, LRS is announcing four new solutions.

The next-generation of the Guest Pager has arrived

First, we’ve reimagined our well-known coaster pager.

The new guest pager has a modern, ergonomic design, making it easier to hold onto. With its rounded corners and rubber bumpers, it stands up better to everyday shocks and drops. The new design also has customizable vibration and LED light colors, as well as digital numbering.

And with two-way communication, this pager “talks back.” It sends a confirmation to the transmitter that it is in range and that it has received the page signal. No more guessing on the part of restaurant staff as to whether or not the guest received the page.

The latest in Table Location technology

LRS’ Table Tracker is changing the way that fast casual and even quick service restaurants deliver food.

In its Top 100 Movers and Shakers 2014, Fast Casual named the Table Tracker one of the top 10 technologies for fast casual restaurants. And we’re not going to stop there.

Table Tracker is a table location technology that directs food runners straight to where a guest is sitting. No more searching for table tent numbers or calling out names. No more interrupting conversations to ask “Did you order the grilled salmon?” or pausing awkwardly to scan the table number.

The system also provides real-time tracking of order times and analytics on the back end. Restaurants can now set benchmarks and compare performance across locations, shifts and staff.

Here’s a video that shows all the new Table Tracker features in action.

On Cue for Restaurants now brings more to the table

LRS is also debuting an updated version of On Cue for Restaurants (OCR), our complete waitlist management system.

“On Cue is all about enabling simplicity and efficiency at the front door,” said LRS chief executive officer John Weber.

Version 2.0 is the only waitlist app that integrates with multiple hardware tools. Besides paging, the new version works with our new Table Updater, allowing staff to update table status from across the restaurant. No more scouting around to find open tables, leaving staff to focus more on the customer. As for restaurants with more than one wait list, Table Tracker synchronizes up to three iPads per location.

Digital Surveys now improve customer retention – instantly

We’re also launching a new version of Check Point, our tablet-based survey application. Check Point collects feedback from guests in real time before they leave the restaurant. This eliminates the tiresome chore of tallying paper comment cards at the end of the month.

The updated version adds a new verification feature that lets the restaurant track the guest experience by table number, server, type of order and more. This can reveal potential snags or superstars regarding shifts, individual staff members or even specific dishes.

Check Point can send managers an instant text or page if a customer records a negative response. This means management can address any customer issues before the guest leaves (and before they Yelp or Tweet about it). A happy customer who feels taken care of is likely to come back.

“Check Point Surveys allow managers to instantaneously and appropriately react to both positive and negative situations,” said Weber.

The evolution of the guest experience continues

LRS’ mission has always been to help restaurants improve operations and enhance the guest experience. We do this by creating a seamless integration of equipment, apps and services. After 20 years of innovation, our new offerings represent yet another evolution and another significant step forward in our pursuit of that goal.

We are excited to be debuting our new guest pager and all of our enhanced solutions at the National Restaurant Association show this week. If you’re attending the show, stop by booth 3854 for a personal showcase.

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