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LRS to Unveil Three Guest Management Tools at National Restaurant Association Show


Table Tracker, On Cue and Check Point streamline operations and improve customer service

Long Range Systems, (LRS), a leading supplier of messaging and tracking solutions for the hospitality industry, announced it would introduce three new solutions at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, May 17-20 in Chicago.

“The solutions we’re featuring at the show include integrated hardware and software applications that enable our customers to continuously measure and improve their guest/staff interactions, speed-of-service and real-time customer service levels,” said Skip Cass, CEO of LRS. “Today, restaurants are seeking easy-to-use tools that help manage and shape the guest experience, and the technologies being brought to market by LRS at NRA are each specifically designed to help our customers accomplish that goal.”

All three of the newest LRS solutions will be available for viewing at booth 1640:

1. Table Tracker 3.0

Table Tracker is a table location system for fast-casual restaurants, and this latest release offers an intuitive iPad application and online reporting that measures key metrics such as delivery times and table utilization. “Table Tracker revolutionizes table delivery for fast casual concepts by offering an affordable means to track and improve service,” said Cass. Table Tracker eliminates the wasted time spent searching the dining area for the right table tent. “Customers report shaving up to a minute off their delivery times which translates into the need for fewer food runners and, more importantly, higher customer satisfaction scores,” Cass added.

2. On Cue

LRS invented the first restaurant guest pager in 1995. Just under two decades later, the company launches On Cue, the next evolution in front-door management. Based on patented technology, On Cue is the only waitlist application that allows the host stand to seamlessly message a guest’s cell phone or a traditional guest pager from the same interface. The On Cue application comes with customized messaging options, status indicators, automated wait time estimations, and table assignment and management tools.

3. Check Point

Check Point is a tablet survey application that collects on-site guest feedback. Check Point’s web-based survey builder tool offers users the ability to craft questions that fit their specific needs, apply question branching which is a conditional question logic to tailor a customer’s survey based on previous answers, and options to customize questions with an image or company logo for a branded experience.

The application can send instant alerts with a negative survey response, allowing management to address issues before the guest leaves. Check Point also includes analytics for insights into operations, performance benchmarking and issues identification.

“We are proud of what we are unveiling at NRA this year,” said Cass. “From quickly managing customer waits to identifying service issues before your customers leaves, LRS is on the leading edge of technology innovations that enhance visibility into operations and create an exceptional dining experience.”


Mai Lyn Ngo
Marketing Coordinator

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems, LLC is a leading global provider of on-site paging, guest management and surveying tools. LRS solutions are used in a variety of settings, including: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, day cares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices and more. LRS owns 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction levels and increase sales. For more information, visit



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