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New LRS iQueue iPad App Revolutionizes the Electronic Wait List Industry


ADDISON, Texas — September 20, 2012 — Long Range Systems, LLC (LRS) introduces a new mobile notification system, the iQueue™ Wait List App, designed for the iPad and available in the Apple App Store. By merging an existing LRS paging system, proven successful in the restaurant industry, with iQueue’s modern capabilities, the most effective guest notification system on the market has been developed.

Unlike other available wait list apps, iQueue employs both text message and guest paging notification options. This patented feature offers waiting customers the option to be notified via cell phone messaging or the classic guest pager. Along with the patented text and paging feature, this free app comes complete with a wait list management component, developed for busy restaurants of any size.

“People appreciate the options iQueue offers,” said Jeff Jones, LRS Director of Sales. “Not everyone is willing to give out their private cell number to a restaurant or its host—nor has their phone with them at all times. Providing a paging and texting option guarantees that all guests can be reached and notified appropriately.”

Studies show that an average of only 48 percent of American seniors own cell phones and 28 percent of cell phone owners don’t text message at all (K. Zickuhr, The Pew Research Center, 2011). Consequently, the emerging wait list technologies currently available neglect a substantial portion of targeted consumers in the restaurant industry. Privacy concern levels also decrease the consumer’s willingness to provide restaurants with a personal cell phone number. Fortunately, iQueue’s modern approach solves that problem by offering a combined text messaging and paging solution.

The smart technology used to manage waiting guests helps eliminate restaurant clutter, reduce host stand congestion and turn tables faster. With predominantly displayed wait time statuses that update automatically, hosts are able to quickly notify parties with a single touch of the screen. iQueue’s quick search option, customized sorting capabilities and one-touch manager paging make managing tables and waiting guests simpler and more efficient.

In the near future, iQueue will also be capable of managing tables and updating table statuses with a wireless, handheld remote. It will also have the ability to detect and indicate loyalty club and VIP members, as specified by the restaurant, so employees can react fittingly.

Mai Lyn Ngo
Marketing Coordinator

About Long Range Systems, LLC

Long Range Systems, LLC is the leading global provider of on-site paging, guest management and surveying tools. LRS solutions are used in a variety of settings, including: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, day cares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices and more. LRS owns 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction levels and increase sales. For more information, contact Jason Barge at 800-437-4996 (x4126) or visit



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