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Case Study

Petropolis Pet Resort Improves Experience for Pets, Staff and Customers with NetPage Unlimited

Industry: Pet Care

“As a manager it has been great because NetPage Unlimited is reliable and I feel like I can be in more places at once.”


Petropolis Pet Resort is an all-inclusive, family-owned pet center servicing every pet’s need “all under one woof.” Petropolis was founded nearly 30 years ago and Vice President Michael Schifano is the founders’ grandson. “Petropolis is known for being forward-thinking. We are always looking for new ways to increase the dogs’ comfort, from the design of our rooms to calming pheromone spray and music. A big reason why we sought out LRS is because we look for new ways to reduce the fear or anxiety that dogs can experience in a new environment.” Petropolis previously used an overhead speaker system to reach staff members. “Naturally dogs create a degree of noise, so a lot of times we’d have to turn up the volume on the speaker – but that would only cause more barking. Making the switch to NetPage Unlimited and quiet staff pagers has made it more comfortable for our dogs and easier on our staff.”


“I heard there were pagers that you could run text through, so I looked online and LRS was first to appear,” said Schifano. When we send a message from NPU to a pager, the dogs never get startled and it saves staff extra steps. Sometimes our team wouldn’t hear their names or the instruction on the overhead, and they’d have to come up to reception only to go back and retrieve a certain dog. The pagers make things more efficient and were clearly the right choice for our team and the dogs.”


“Introducing new technology can be challenging on staff, but when I got NPU set up I said, ‘let’s just try for a day and see what happens.’ It ended up working out really well. NPU and the pagers are really intuitive, so there’s little training needed. We can page the group if we want to, or if a specific person has a phone call we don’t have to interrupt everyone else, which our staff really likes,” said Schifano. “As a manager, it has been great because NPU is reliable and I feel like I can be in more places at once.”


“A lot of our guests come almost every day for daycare, and at this point we know their cars pretty well. We send the page when we see their car pull up, and there’s a noticeable difference between how fast we’d retrieve their dogs with the overhead system versus today with NPU,” said Schifano. “It has been known to happen where we have multiple dogs with the same name, and the pagers are awesome because we can type in a name and description so there’s less confusion. Our pickup and drop-off process is a well-oiled machine, and we’ve since expanded to offer valet service to our customers as well.”

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