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Case Study

Radios Keep Premiere Fitness Club In Tune With Customer Needs

Industry: Fitness Center

Product: Radios

“Having instant communication benefits us tremendously in a way that I didn’t imagine until I saw it in action.”


The general manager describes this fitness center as the “Waldorf Astoria” of fitness clubs. What sets the gym apart – more than the aesthetics and top-notch amenities – is the service. He says he runs the club like it belongs to the members.

The ability to immediately respond to members’ needs is a key element in always making them feel valued and important. To promote the idea that members have the best experience at any given moment, this premiere fitness club uses communication solutions from LRS in all of its 66 locations.


This fitness center provides members with a Kids’ Club so parents can leave their little ones in good hands during workouts. However some parents get anxious being separated from their children if they can’t be reached instantly.

Another challenge the club faces is accommodating the dual role of membership advisors. They want staff out on the floor getting to know the members and attending to their needs. However, membership advisors also need to be available up front to greet and assist prospective members.

Another priority for this fitness center is that all equipment be maintained, cleaned and ready for members to use at all times. They prides themselves on immaculate facilities and addressing any issues before a member brings it to the staff’s attention. This level of attention requires that all available staff be on the floor and participating in facility upkeep. It also means that maintenance managers need to be immediately reachable if a piece of equipment or a safety hazard requires their attention.


To provide parents with peace of mind, members who leave their children in the Kids’ Club during workouts are given an LRS Star Pager. Staff members in the Kids’ Club are then able to page parents if they’re needed.

Membership advisors also use the Star Pager. This allows them to maximize time not spent with prospective members. Since they know they will paged when a guest walks in, membership advisors are free to walk the floor, interacting with members, resetting equipment, picking up towels and keeping the club in tip-top shape.

Front desk and maintenance managers on duty (MODs) are equipped with the RMU series two-way radios. The instant one-to-many communications allows MODs to respond to safety issues immediately, quickly address member inquiries and monitor the condition of equipment. It also improves teamwork because trainers, front desk attendants and other staff are able to relay needs to the maintenance staff quickly


Parents are grateful: The implementation of member pagers for parents added a lot of value to the Kids’ Club amenity, which has become a competitive differentiator. The GM notes: “It’s a huge comfort level for parents to know that they are always connected if their child becomes upset or needs anything.”

Staff is maximized for exceptional service: The pagers empower membership advisors to do so much more. As employees commissioned on sales, they feel confident attending to the club, knowing that they will be paged when a potential new member walks in. “It gives us another four to five sets of eyes on the floor,” says the general manager. “That can be the difference between good and exceptional service.”

Improved staff efficiency and response times: The use of two-way radios for club maintenance is key to the club’s commitment to member service. Keeping all equipment and facilities in clean, working condition requires immediate notice and prioritization. It is this distinction that sets this fitness franchise apart as a five-star fitness club.

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