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Case Study

Table Tracker Gives Fast Casual Burger Joint More Operational and Business Insight

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Table Tracker

“Rather than the old fashion way of screaming out customer names or putting a number on a table, we needed something more seamless and technology driven.”


A national fast casual burger concept serves all-natural burgers and hot dogs with the freshest ingredients. Delivering high-quality food to customers in a matter of minutes isn’t the only priority for one franchisee. He also believes his restaurant’s success is linked directly with delivering exceptional guest experience.


Once guests place their orders, they can expect their food to be ready in 7-10 minutes. One franchisee owner said the challenge lies in managing the number of orders the kitchen can handle and ensuring food runners continue to deliver food within the allotted time without backing up the kitchen. “Rather than the old fashion way of yelling out customer names or putting a number on a table, we needed something more seamless and technology driven,” said the franchise owner.


After substantial research, he came to the conclusion that Table Tracker would be able to help him run his business more efficiently and seamlessly and he installed Table Tracker in his fast casual burger restaurants. Table Tracker allows guests to order their food, grab a seat, and with peace of mind, know their food will be delivered quickly. In addition to simplifying the process of locating and delivering food to waiting guests, the franchise owner also uses Table Tracker to help monitor the volume of orders going into the kitchen and manage potential backups.

Table Tracker has a color coded system for orders that changes colors as orders near time limits. These indicators alert managers and cashiers of a backup and allows them to take the necessary measures to help the kitchen manage order flow and avoid prolonged delivery times.


Improved service, guest satisfaction:
Table Tracker gives guests a better dining experience by enabling them to wait comfortably at their table for their food to arrive. When food is delivered, staff has the opportunity to provide additional table side service and build even stronger connections with guests.

Greater staff productivity:
The franchise owner says the staff absolutely loves Table Tracker and wouldn’t want it any other way. Table Tracker limits congestion at the counter and decreases the need to have more people at the front of the house. “By having staff deliver food, they have more touch points with the customer,” said the franchise owner. “It enhances the customer experience and makes us a better restaurant.”

More insight into operations:

At the end of each day, the franchise owner pulls reports from Table Tracker to analyze delivery times and see how many red tickets (delayed orders) occurred. That information starts an investigation process into what variables are leading to days with more red tickets. “It’s a tool to look into the day’s activities and see the correlation between great sales and great customer service, said the owner. “Without that insight, our great sales days would dwindle because we wouldn’t be able to quantify and consistently deliver the great customer service.”

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