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Tutta’s Pizza Powers Up Customer Service with LRS Guest Pagers

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tuttas-pizza“The pagers literally saved me an entire person in terms of labor. They make our lives infinitely better here in the restaurant and at the food truck.

– Jeremy Scott, Owner, Tutta’s Pizza


In 2012, Tutta’s Pizza started as a food truck bringing made-from-scratch pizzas topped with slow-smoked meats to Dallas crowds. In 2016, Tutta’s opened its first brick and mortar location in Dallas’ historic West End. In 2018, Tutta’s Owner Jeremy Scott and his popular pie called The Texan were featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives.” Tutta’s has been a long-time user of the LRS Guest Paging system and LRS is proud to be a part of their journey.

Keeping It Simple, Simply Works

“Originally, we had a P.A. system on the top of our truck,” said Tutta’s Pizza Owner Jeremy Scott. “It was fun to yell, but it wasn’t efficient because customers would wander or get distracted and miss their name. I wish I had started using pagers when we first launched because we can instantly summon our customers when their pizza is fresh and our window doesn’t get jammed up.

“What is so attractive about the pagers is that they’re so simple. When people wait for food they’re usually looking at Facebook, texts or emails and they may or may not notice a random message saying that their pizza is ready. But with the pagers, they sit right on the table and light up like a Christmas tree and vibrate heavily – you can’t miss it. It has made our lives infinitely better here in the restaurant and at the food truck,” said Scott.

Saving Labor and Making Staff Happier

“A few weeks after we opened the restaurant, we had a large party come in. We were using pagers at the truck at this time, but  not yet at the restaurant. I decided to bring in all the pagers we had for that event and it literally saved me an entire person in terms of labor. My staff would have really struggled without the pagers. When you have a big group, you don’t have time to search for table numbers and it’s too loud to call out names. The pagers saved our staff a lot of grief and sometimes they would hear one go off and deliver it before the customer even got up,” said Scott.

Order at a Kiosk, Get Paged When Pizza Is Ready

The Tutta’s staff is incredibly friendly and is happy to take orders in-person at the cashier stand. However, it isn’t the only way customers can place orders. LRS guest pagers can be integrated into most point-of-sale (POS) systems. Tutta’s takes advantage of this by integrating their pagers with their iPad kiosk station powered by Revel. All customers have to do is take a pager, place their order, sit back and relax.


To learn more about how LRS can customize a solution for your restaurant service experience, call 1 (800) 437-4996.



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