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A Letter from Long Range Systems CEO


Dear LRS Community,

If you’re like me, you have received many messages from companies you do business with about how they are dealing with the COVID-19 global event.  The impact is far reaching and is heartbreaking to see unfold. Together, we’re all closely monitoring the novel coronavirus situation that is not only a global pandemic, but now rapidly impacting local restaurants, bars, theaters, retail, and hospitality in general at an increasing pace. While more and more municipalities are mandating curfews and complete closures for hospitality-based businesses, many of you, such as healthcare and food providers, must continue to operate to provide essential services to your community.

Solutions for Social Distancing, Curbside Pickup, and Queueing to Reduce Exposure and Spread of COVID-19:

To help with solutions for managing through this health crisis we have launched LRS Connect which is an easy to set-up and deploy notification system for incorporating both pagers and smartphones for notices, alerts, and customer self check-in. Utilizing both sanitized pagers and SMS notifications, we can provide you and your business an effective manner to manage your altered, and in some cases exponentially higher, customer engagement. You also may not know that many of the transmitters that you currently have in use are able to provide you with text and SMS services as yet another manner to engage your guests, customers, and patients. To best enable these solutions for all of you, we’ve lowered our pricing on all our SMS-based solutions and added month-to-month options so that you may best engage with customers in the most effective manner for your situation.

Traditional paging can also be a very effective tool in reducing exposure to viruses and bacteria when cleaned properly between uses and can provide an aide towards reducing exposure to germs.  For healthcare clinics, staff may provide patients with sanitized pagers and have them wait outside or in their vehicle until their appointment time.

Cleaning LRS Equipment:

Many of you are using LRS equipment at this time to engage with customers, guests, patients, and co-workers, and sanitizing shared equipment is now more than ever of the upmost importance for everyone’s safety and health.  I’ve asked the team to update our online FAQ section to answer questions and provide guidance on providing safe procedures for guest and staff pagers. Please see the updated page which covers how to effectively and properly clean and disinfect LRS equipment.

Lastly, I wish all of you safe operations and we look forward to the happy and healthy days ahead. If we can be of assistance, please reach out to your representative or contact us at or 800-577-8101.

With much gratitude,

John Weber, President and CEO
Long Range Systems (LRS)



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