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Long Range Systems Launches LRS Connect Equipping Businesses with Cloud-based List and Task Management Solutions

Long Range Systems Launches LRS Connect Equipping Businesses with Cloud-based List and Task Management Solutions

Author: David Burrows

RICHARDSON, Texas, Feb. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Long Range Systems (LRS) has launched its latest cloud-based tool connecting proprietary hardware, smartphones, and even third-party IoT devices to an interactive dashboard for enhancing operations for various industries. LRS Connect enables any business to quickly and easily deploy list management and task management for real-time operational efficiency and analysis of those tasks over time to further optimize and scale business processes.

“We’re very proud of this new, robust platform which addresses needed solutions in the hospitality and restaurant sectors along with enabling most any business to use it for assigning, tracking and managing actions – all of which play into ongoing components of effective operations. That also includes industrial, retail, grocery, airports, restaurants, hospitality, and any place actively managing people, places and things,” said John Weber, President & CEO of Long Range Systems.

Some of the key features include an easy to use guest on-boarding module allowing customers to be added to the list, quoting an estimated wait time, and recording specific preferences and requests – all in a matter of seconds. Guests – and even staff – can also receive notifications on their mobile devices including countdown alerts, status and action alerts.

Customized messaging can also be created to individualize and brand the experience. The ability to associate specific customers with individual staff members can bring personalization to a higher level. Multiple lists can be managed in parallel giving the platform even more power across different areas, departments and functionality.

Unlimited groups can be created to notify teams, tours, classes or any other groups where people are organized by time, location, and other unifying elements. The feature works great for campuses, tour groups at museums, exhibits, breweries, and wineries.

LRS Connect is the only cloud-based management tool to have a patented, seamless feature of enabling existing paging devices along with personal smartphones giving the end user more choices in privacy and how they wish to engage and communicate.

One of the most ROI-driven features leverages the platform’s ability to record data over time providing users a view of customizable blocks of time, different locations. The capability to spot trends across multiple timeframes and other variables drive valuable insights providing a basis for identifying potential problems in operational activities and whether it’s a business rule, staffing issue or other symptom to correct. Data can come from a variety of sources including pagers, location, and sensors which, can provide a unique and powerful insight into daily operations most organizations have never imaged possible.

LRS Connect offers users unlimited access with its browser-based access, cloud-based software and easy to use interface. With the open platform design, third-party devices and plug-ins can also be added to broaden functionality and deeper reporting metrics. Management can remotely view administrative consoles and see in real-time how any location is functioning.

A free version of LRS Connect is available to access and evaluate at

LRS Connect works in concert with other scalable technologies employed by both LRS and VEN-U including Bluetooth beacons, wireless sensors, mobile applications and customizable dashboards to remotely analyze in-depth, real-time data. VEN-U’s solutions can reduce operational costs, increase revenues, and help businesses extend their brand to lift the guest experience for better engagement, staff performance, and upsell opportunities to customers.

About Long Range Systems and VEN-U

Long Range Systems (LRS) is dedicated to technologies that help businesses provide a better customer experience and enhance operations management. We know businesses need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff, and we do that by integrating state-of-the-art messaging and tracking equipment with best-in-class software.

Our solutions include paging, messaging devices, tracking devices, and guest management applications; all of which offer businesses confidence and certainty that operations are running smoothly and guests, customers, and patients are well cared for.

Our VEN-U brand enables any business to engage, manage, and monitor guests, staff, and sites using RTLS (Real Time Locations System). Combined with in-depth data reporting, VEN-U provides instant insight and analysis for businesses to enhance guest engagement and maximize operational efficiency.

VEN-U technologies empower businesses to manage their operations while improving the entire guest experience. VEN-U provides solutions via wireless communication systems, remote sensors, Bluetooth, beacons, and mobile applications. LRS and VEN-U patented technologies are in over 80,000 businesses and 50 countries around the world.

From paging systems to comprehensive venue management, find out how we can help your business thrive because Smart Venues Start Here™

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