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Businesses In The Hospitality Industry Can Speed Up Service With The Beach Butler


Businesses in the hospitality industry can speed up service with the Beach Butler

ADDISON, TX — April 14, 2011 — At the upcoming National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, Long Range Systems, Inc. (LRS) is showing the Beach Butler: a wireless push for service paging system guests use to request service when they’re lounging by the pool or on the beach. The Beach Butler raises the bar by providing a new level of service to guests without increasing labor costs. The system can be set to page one person or entire groups of servers, and if the page is not answered within a pre-programmed service time, then the manager receives an escalation page. This ensures that guests receive superior service, which can increase food and beverage sales and server tips.
”Beach Butler allows guests to call for service when they need it and reduces unwelcome intrusions from well-meaning staff,” said Long Range Systems President Ken Lovegreen.

“The hospitality industry is highly competitive, so giving guests a convenient way for them to request service can be a deciding factor when they’re considering where to stay on their next vacation or business trip.” According to Vice President of Sales Jim Livingston, hotels and resorts get repeat business largely based on a previous customer experience, and exceptional service is the key to building customer loyalty. “Guests want instant gratification, and it’s easy to get fast service when the staff is available at the push of a button.”
The Beach Butler is simple to use. Guests just press the button on the front of the Beach Butler for instant one-way communication. The device wirelessly transmits a pre-programmed customized message to a server or staff pager, so service is efficient and fast. Up to 9,999 units can be used at one location with the option to page one or more servers or staff, though having Beach Butlers actually can reduce the number of employees needed to serve customers effectively. After Beach Butlers are implemented, staff can complete other tasks instead of constantly checking on guests, and guests control when they need service. The Beach Butler is smaller than a TV remote control and 100% waterproof, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. There are multiple choices in colors to coordinate with any décor and a few mounting options including an optional umbrella clip, so it doesn’t take up valuable table space.
“Establishments using Beach Butler see an increase in food and drink sales and reduction in labor costs at the same time,” said Long Range Systems Vice President of Sales, Jim Livingston. “That’s a win-win situation for anyone in the hospitality industry.”

For more information about the Beach Butler or other Long Range Systems products and services, please visit or call 1-800-437-4996.

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of on-premise paging and messaging systems and guest management solutions sold globally and used in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, daycares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices, and more. LRS owns over 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve service, and increase sales. For more information, contact Jason Barge at 800-437-4996 x 4126 or visit



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