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Long Range Systems Launches First Waterproof And Anti-Bacterial Guest Pager


ADDISON,TX — April 14, 2011 — Long Range Systems, Inc. (LRS), the leading supplier of onsite guest and staff paging, today launched its new waterproof and anti-bacterial pager called AQUA, the latest addition to the company’s innovative guest paging product line. AQUA is waterproof up to one meter and combines all the capabilities of a guest paging system with the added benefit of virtually eliminating cross-contamination caused by multiple people handling pagers. The anti-bacterial agent is added during the manufacturing process, so the pagers won’t absorb contaminants, are easy to keep clean, and will kill germs on contact.
“AQUA pager’s design was driven by customer need,” said Long Range Systems President Ken Lovegreen. “We’re filling the gap by providing a durable system that decreases the spread of germs, can be submerged in water, and even promotes the user’s business to their customers all at the same time”.
The AQUA pager features a unique double-sided advertising capability and is smaller than a TV remote control, allowing you to advertise restaurant specials, times/days for happy hour, special events or other promotions to a captive audience. The messaging on these ergonomic, easy-to-hold pagers can be changed to advertise seasonal promotions or daily specials, which drives sales to prospects already at the establishment.
Like all LRS paging systems, the AQUA is rechargeable, but these pagers have charging pins on both ends. You can put them back in the charging bank on either side, which saves time during hectic periods. The system is cost-efficient and space-saving: charging banks can handle up to five pagers, and multiple banks can be combined to handle up to 25 pagers per power supply. Plus, the charging banks can be wall or desk mounted for easy access. The systems are UHF, not VHF, so you get a crisp, high-power signal that easily penetrates walls and ceilings and won’t interfere with wireless equipment such as microphones or headsets.
Unlike competitors’ products, the AQUA pager features continuous flash/vibrate, ensuring the guest won’t forget about or miss the page. This also reduces pager loss rate, a common, costly problem with paging systems that don’t have continuous flash/vibe. This feature is particularly important with a waterproof pager that can be lost in new places, such as a pool or sauna.
“Adding an anti-bacterial benefit to a waterproof pager is just the latest enhancement to our guest paging system,” said Long Range Systems, Director of Sales, Jeff Jones. “It’s just another way we meet the needs of the businesses we serve and help them operate more efficiently and save money.”

For more information about Long Range Systems guest paging systems or other products and services, please visit or call 1-800-437-4996.

Dani Chandler
Senior Technical Marketing Manager

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of on-premise paging and messaging systems and guest management solutions sold globally and used in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, daycares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices, and more. LRS owns over 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve service, and increase sales. For more information, contact Dani Chandler at or visit



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