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Case Study

Coaches Burger Bar Uses Guest and Staff Paging to Create Consistently Excellent Customer Experiences

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Staff Paging

“The pagers allow our servers to be available on the floor and attentive to guest needs.”


Stacy and Patrick Howlett are restaurant industry veterans who opened the first Coaches Burger Bar in Youngstown, Ohio in 2015. Coaches Burger Bar’s name pays homage to its hometown which has a history of producing coaching greats such as the Stoops, Bo Pelini, Jim Tressel and more. Now with three locations, Coaches Burger Bar is known within the community for supporting local youth sports and serving up burgers that satisfy completely.


“When you open a restaurant, there are always kinks to work out. Our servers want to deliver food quickly, which is great! But the problem was they would tend to congregate in the kitchen instead of being out on the floor to do things like offer refills, extra hot sauce or napkins. These small gestures make a big difference. It was a no brainer for us to use pagers to solve this,” said Stacy Howlett, Co-Owner.

Purchasing LRS Star Pagers made it easier for Coaches Burger Bar’s staff to excel in their jobs. “The pagers were very well received by the staff at all three of our locations,” said Howlett. “One of our restaurants is located in an old historic building with an unconventional layout. Our staff was relieved to be given pagers because when servers are running back and forth to the kitchen, the perception is that we’re understaffed. The pagers allow our servers to be available on the floor and attentive to guest needs.”


Coaches Burger Bar also uses LRS’ Guest Paging system to manage their wait for tables during peak hours. “I believe [the Guest Pagers] give our customers an immediate sense of assurance that we are an organized operation,” said Howlett. “If you don’t have a paging system, your guests may hesitate to visit the bar for fear of missing their name being called. And if guests do roam while they wait, your host has to abandon their station to locate them when their table is ready. At the same time, there may be a customer coming in who doesn’t feel acknowledged. The pagers remove all of those potential issues,” said Howlett.

“The pagers drive consistency to a process, and when your process is consistent so is your customer experience. It’s all about setting the right impression when a customer walks in, until the end of their dining experience,” said Howlett.


“Patrick has spent the last eight years operating 62 chains as a franchisee for a big pizza company. We spent over a year developing our Coaches Burger Bar concept, touring the east coast and visiting every burger bar we would come across,” said Howlett. “We observed and solicited feedback from other business owners to stay relevant to what others are doing. We were very aware of LRS products and the staff and guest paging systems were the right choice for Coaches Burger Bar.”


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