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Case Study

The Pita Post Food Truck Saves Time, Money with Help from LRS Guest Paging System

Industry: Hospitality

“It’s a win-win situation. The employees don’t feel rushed and the customer is not tied to a certain spot while they wait.”


The Pita Post is a mobile food service based in Michigan with a diverse menu of fresh, natural pita sandwiches. Owner Tal Sasson opened The Pita Post food trucks in 2013 with the aim to provide mobile food services with gourmet flair.

The Pita Post has two trucks; one that rotates positions, and another that is located year-round in a local Detroit food truck park. Sasson purchased an LRS guest paging system for his stationary truck at the park, saying it is “one of the best calls” he ever made.


“Customers at the food truck park are typically there to socialize, so we can hand them an LRS guest pager and they receive hot-t0-order meals a few minutes later. Our customers do not have to wait right next to our window; instead they can walk around, get a drink or find a table knowing that they will receive a notification when their food is ready,” said Sasson. “The paging system couldn’t be more efficient and it saves time, which saves us money. We also like that our pages are personalized to match our brand, which is a nice detail,” said Sasson.


After seeing the value of The Pita Post’s pagers, nearby food trucks in the park have set the wheels in motion to follow suit. “They see that it is a win-win situation. The employees don’t feel rushed and the customer is not tied to a certain spot while they wait,” said Sasson.


The Pita Post is also exploring the opportunity to partner with LRS on an additional solution to support their business during the winter months in Michigan. “From around October through April, we experience colder temperatures and we know our customers do not want to wait outside in the snow,” said Sasson. For that reason, Sasson and The Pita Post are exploring using radios to improve the staff and guest experience. LRS partners with Motorola radios, offering a variety of kits and solutions.

With radios in place, The Pita Post can shift their business model for the winter months. Professionals in nearby offices will be able to place an order from a host stand in their building lobby. If clarifications, requests or order updates need to be made, The Pita Post’s team can use the radio as a means for immediate, attention-grabbing communication from the host stand to the kitchen staff.

At LRS, we’re delighted that The Pita Post is pleased with their paging system, so much so that they have referred other food trucks and are considering adopting other LRS solutions to increase their year-round accessibility.

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