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Connecting to the Power of VEN-U Sensor

Restaurants, Warehouses, Tech Firms and other businesses can benefit from a 24/7 remote monitoring solution.

With everything a manager needs to track these days, it seems as if they need to have eyes everywhere. In a restaurant, managers need to ensure temperatures in the cooler remain cold enough and temperatures on the steam table remain hot enough. In a warehouse or storage room, they need to ensure inventory isn’t going out the door in the middle of the night. In a tech firm or other electronics-heavy business, they need to ensure cooling systems in warm server rooms remain in working order 24 hours a day

And in all of those businesses, managers need to ensure issues such as water leaks or even unwanted intruders don’t do the type of damage that could bring an operation to its knees.

Thanks to the VEN-U Sensor, a new offering from Richardson, Texas-based technology firm LRS, managers can now have those eyes everywhere. This cloud-enabled, wireless Internet of Things solution includes sensor devices to monitor temperature, humidity, water, voltage, vibration and and motion, all in real time, instantly alerting managers whenever there’s a problem



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