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Creating magic: Sometimes the best technology is invisible

As companies come up with ways to offer products to a high tech world, they often focus on the technology itself. How cool it looks, how much better it is than someone else’ model, how much efficiency and cost-savings it drives.

When technology is something people feel rather than see, it becomes almost magical. Disneyland came up with the MagicBand to improve the guest experience.

When technology is something people feel rather than see, it becomes almost magical. Disneyland came up with the MagicBand to improve the guest experience.

These factors differentiate our wares from the competition. Without them, we’d sell less and earn less.

But sometimes the best technology solution is one that lies hidden. Unobtrusive. Almost invisible. Yet, all those around it can feel its effects.

When we make technology something people feel rather than see, you might say that it becomes almost magical…

Stepping into a story book

When Disneyland experimented with RFID pagers to improve guests’ experience, the result was astounding. Instead grumbling about standing in long lines, parents and kids could roam free until it was their turn. That freedom improved spirits, and it didn’t hurt sales, either.

But that wasn’t the end for Disney’s high-tech plans. The goal was to make – or rather remake – the entire customer experience. To make the technology so seamless and natural that visitors almost don’t notice it, creating that element of magic.

The keys to the Magic Kingdom

So how does it work? From the moment they arrive in Disney World, guests are surrounded by electronic wizardry.

Upon entering the parks, each guest slips on a modest Mickey Mouse wristband inscribed with their name in their favorite color. What could be more delightful for a child? If the kids are happy, the parents are happy.

For the parents, the MagicBand eliminates check-in lines, the need for credit cards and paper tickets. That simple rubber wristband, almost invisible, is the key to unlocking the doors to the Magic Kingdom.

Magic in every nook and cranny

To find a favorite ride, vacationers just touch the wristband to any kiosk located in the park, and Mickey will guide them right to it. When they arrive, there’s no standing in line – again, thanks to the MagicBand. When it’s time for a beverage, a snack or a souvenir? With just a tap of your wristband, it’s taken care of.

And it gets even better. Guests can make dinner reservations using the band and even pre-order their meal before they arrive. Once they arrive at the restaurant, the hostess greets them by name and the kitchen starts to prepare their orders. Once the food is ready, servers are able to locate exactly where the guests are sitting and deliver their food quickly – as if by magic.

How it makes you feel

Of course, the real magic happens behind the scenes.

The MagicBands connect with thousands of sensors and computers all over the park. They have access to a myriad of data about their wearers – reservations, credit card data and even their favorite rides. That’s some serious data crunching.

All of this is made possible with sophisticated electronics and software, but what’s most important is the guest delight factor. Disney takes away the high tech bafflement and makes it feel natural and seamless – leaving room only for the magical experience.

We applaud Disney for being the standard bearer in leveraging technology to create alchemy. It’s the same philosophy that LRS brings to our solutions like Table Tracker; all the guest feels is the magic of their order delivered right to their table.

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Jason Barge is a marketing manager at LRS and an expert in communications for the hospitality industry.



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