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Fastcasual list 6 innovative technologies that are changing the industry and helping restaurants save money. Of the two technologies, Fast Casual lists LRS’ Table Tracker and On Cue for Restaurants waitlist app.

With table-location technology like Table Tracker, LRS customer Pizza Ranch was able to increase efficiency and improve the guest experience by delivering food to customers quickly. From table numbers to RFID technology, staff no longer have to search for customer tables in before delivering food.

The second technology that was highlighted by Fastcasual is LRS’ own waitlist application On Cue for Restaurants. OCR is an integral part of LRS’¬†complete table management system, allowing restaurants to be able to page and text customers, seat them quickly, and monitor open and occupied tables with ease. With paper waitlists becoming a thing of the past, more businesses are looking for a way to seat guests more quickly and provide an extraordinary guest experience.

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