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Understanding Technology as a Differentiator in the Fast Casual Segment of the Restaurant Industry

The Fast Casual sector of the restaurant industry has grown by 3.1% in the past year. Fast Casual now represents 20% of the entire restaurant industry. Fast Casual customers want high-quality food and hospitality found in casual restaurants, but in a conveniently quicker-serve setting. With the proliferation of new Fast Casual brands, some restaurants have recognized that they have to change some areas of service to differentiate themselves from their ever-growing competition. Trending areas of focus are food preparation speed and table-side food delivery. With customers’ expectation on the rise, restaurants are implementing technology to improve hospitality and quality of service as well as maximize the increased labor dollar. In this video, Long Range Systems, a leader in communication technology, explains how restaurants are using new technologies like Table Tracker as an efficient solution for differentiating themselves within the Fast Casual industry.

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