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Restaurant Paging Systems Increase Customer Satisfaction

Restaurant paging systems are beneficial to the efficiency of a restaurant, offering a higher level of organization. Seating becomes more efficient, communication between kitchen and floor staff becomes seamless, and the entire atmosphere of the restaurant becomes less hectic and more fluid. The greatest benefit of a restaurant paging system, however, is the higher level of satisfaction it affords the customers.

Restaurant Paging Systems

  • Restaurant paging systems allow customers to relax and enjoy the whole dining experience. Rather than crowding around the lobby or host stand, customers can take the pager onto the patio or into the bar and get comfortable, knowing that they will be alerted as tables become available. Relaxed customers are happier customers—they’re less likely to be discouraged by long wait times and are more likely to spend additional money on drinks or appetizers as they wait.
  • Using restaurant paging systems enables the restaurant staff to do a better job, increasing customer satisfaction. You want your restaurant to be busy, but busy restaurants can sometimes be chaotic, and a good way to reduce this chaos is by using paging systems. Utilizing a system like iQueue, for instance, gives you the ability to electronically keep track of tables as they become available, and even links your customers’ pagers to the system. This leads to faster table turns, which means customers are seated more quickly. Once they’re seated, customers will appreciate the efficiency provided by a paging system that enables the kitchen to communicate with the wait staff, ensuring that food is picked up promptly and delivered to tables while fresh and hot.
  • Restaurant paging devices can help customers avoid unpleasant situations. Often, especially when a restaurant is busy, it can be difficult to get a server’s attention. This leads to customers feeling uncomfortable, waving or calling out to their servers in an attempt to get what they need. A push-for-service paging system eliminates this situation, since it gives customers the ability to push a button on a device at their tables to alert the wait staff any needed service.
  • A restaurant paging system can be fun for customers! Consider the Lobster Call, for example. Designed in the shape of a lobster, this large and unique pager can be used in seafood restaurants or poolside joints, and lights up to let customers know when their tables are ready. It’s not just a pager, but a conversation piece! Because of its long-range capabilities,  guests can even take their restaurant paging device to check out the beach, if your location affords that opportunity.

Restaurant paging systems are an important part of increasing customer satisfaction. Customers who are entertained, quickly served and efficiently tended to are more likely to become repeat customers. They’re also more likely to recommend your restaurant to their friends and families. For more information about restaurant paging systems, or to find out how they can benefit you, visit the Long Range Systems website, Twitter or Facebook page today!



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