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Case Study

HeyDay Entertainment Expands Facility, Improves Communication By Equipping Staff with Radios

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Radios

“The radios hardly require any training and we wouldn’t have the same level of teamwork without them.”


HeyDay Entertainment opened their doors in 2007, starting with laser tag, arcade games and pizza. They’ve since expanded into a multi-floor facility complete with 24 bowling lanes, mini golf, a ropes course and a full-service menu and bar. Rapid expansion brought along new challenges for the HeyDay staff. “Before, we had a staff of 40 in a 14,000 sq. ft facility; now we’re up to 150 in 50,000 sq. ft. We immediately got an LRS radio system, but at first we were a little naive – we only got 12 radios. We quickly saw the benefits and realized we needed many, many more,” said Kurt Crooks, Operations Manager at HeyDay. “Now basically everyone on staff has a radio, from our kitchen to the floor.”


Ownership at HeyDay recognizes that one of the keys to their business is consistency – customers who have a great time come back expecting the same fun experience. “Even if it is really chaotic that day behind the scenes, you never want the customer to feel that,” said Crooks. “The radios are the first thing our staff grabs when they clock in. Without the radios, they’d be at a loss.” Whether it’s calling for an extra hand to carry chairs or maintenance on the golf course, without a radio HeyDay employees would be spending more time tracking down help than completing a task. “For the last three years we’ve really relied on radios to help us eliminate those extra steps,” said Crooks.


“We have several key values we hire on, train on and reward – one of those is our ability to work as a team and the radios play a huge part into that,” said Crooks. “In our industry, turnover is not uncommon and we hire a lot of young adults. We wanted a solution that was simple and easy to use. The radios hardly require any training and we wouldn’t have the same level of teamwork without them.”

“We also believe that technology is one of those things that sets us apart, whether it’s by upgrading our bowling and laser tag games or having the best equipment behind the scenes. Today people have access to many sources of entertainment in their homes, so it’s important that we make sure we’re providing an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Our radios help us ensure that we’re offering top-quality customer service with every visit.”

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