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Case Study

Visitors at Andy Alligator’s Fun Park Spend More Time Playing, Less Time Waiting with LRS Pagers

Industry: Hospitality

Product: Guest Paging

“Pagers support our culture of fun. Guests can continue playing nearby without concern that they’ll miss their name when their pizza is ready.”


Andy Alligator’s Fun Park was founded in 2007 as a family entertainment center. In 2015, Owner Kyle Allison bought LRS guest pagers for their onsite fast-casual restaurant, Andy’s Cafe & Pizzeria. “We’re a place where families want to have fun – there’s music playing, games going on and we didn’t want to disrupt the atmosphere with an overhead speaker calling out people’s names when their food was ready. I was eating out at a restaurant where I was given a pager, and I said to myself, ‘Why are we not using these to keep our guests playing while they wait for food?”


“Andy’s Cafe & Pizzeria is not a traditional restaurant, nor do we want it to be,” said Allison. “Our core demographic is families with kids ages 2-14. They want to get the most playtime in while they’re at the park, and pagers support our culture of fun. Guests can continue playing games nearby without concern that they’ll miss their name when their pizza is ready.” Andy’s Cafe menu even includes discounts for re-loading game cards when you order food.


“When we first opened our staff called out orders, but they were experiencing challenges – guests weren’t hearing their names, food went cold and orders were mixed up. Staff frequently had to remake food or search for customers. They embraced pagers right away because it so clearly solved problems with customer satisfaction,” said Allison.


“I would say one of the biggest benefits to having LRS pagers is cost savings, because our LRS equipment is affordable and durable. We’ve had the pagers for severCS7-lit_Redal years and have not had to return any of them for repairs yet. The system works really well for us and there’s no downtime.There is no learning curve or training needed for our staff; they press the pager number and hit “enter” when the order is ready – simple as that.You see the benefit right away.”

Andy Alligator’s Fun Park is now exploring placing LRS’ Butler pagers to their water park cabanas for the 2017 season. LRS Butler pagers offer push-for-service capability, creating more opportunities for the water park to sell food and beverages.

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