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How Technology Improves Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hotel Restaurant ManagementHotel and restaurant management requires an extreme level of responsiveness to customer needs.  In order to build and maintain loyal clientele, you must anticipate customers’ requirements and tend to them in a timely, efficient manner. It is important to understand how technology can help streamline communication and enhance the customer experience. When it comes to hotel and restaurant management, there is a variety of technology-driven hotel management systems that help streamline communication in order to respond to customers fluidly and efficiently.

  • Restaurants can benefit from versatile systems like iQueue. This technology makes it easy to manage table turnover and offers guests more efficient service. With iQueue, multiple devices can share the same waitlists, so restaurants can use both paging devices and smartphones to offer increased flexibility to their guests. Because the system is comprehensive, wait times are accurate and tables are expertly managed.
  • Soliciting customer feedback is a great way to improve. Allegiant loyalty devices provide guests with an easy and efficient way to communicate about their experiences. Negative feedback instantly alerts management, so customer complaints are quickly addressed before they escalate. As an added value, the devices also include calculators so customers can easily split a tab and calculate tips.
  • Some restaurants require electronics that employ a modicum of subtlety. Coaster Lite is a system well-suited for these kinds of establishments, where dim lights and quiet are important. Customers can easily and silently alert wait staff of their needs, allowing efficient and responsive customer service without causing disruption.
  • Hotel and restaurant management can benefit from push-button paging devices that allow long-range, on-demand service. Maybe your establishment needs to allow for customers to move freely and yet be easily located by their servers. Or maybe your customers are going to be sitting poolside, and need to be able to call for assistance or service. Devices like the Butler XP Paging System provide guests the freedom to move while ensuring that they’ll still get great service.
  • Hotel management systems that use two-way radios must be certain of their reliability. The Motorola CLS radio series allows for two-way spoken communication, whether through radios or headsets, that is reliable and easy to use. In fast-paced industries like hotel and restaurant management, NetPage it’s important to have durable and effective devices that are designed to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • A wireless paging system can be extremely helpful in improving hotel efficiency. Netpage Unlimited is one such system that allows for silent,  instant communication with staff members. This leads to increased efficiency in customer service, as well as improved response times. NetPage Unlimited also allows for communication with guests, which improves the customer experience through timely, efficient service.

For those involved in hotel and restaurant management, the right technology can make all the difference when it comes to client satisfaction. Since 1993, Long Range Systems has been committed to helping businesses identify solutions that increase efficiency and productivity.  Visit the LRS website for more information about these products or other hotel and restaurant management solutions.



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