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No More Long Lines to Santa: On Cue Can Bring A Little Cheer to Holiday Events

SantaSome businesses are completely dependent on the holiday season. If you manage an event business tied directly to Christmas, you know how important it is to make a good impression. Customers struggle with mall traffic, searching for the elusive parking spot. They are jostled in the crowded stores. The last thing they want is to wait in line for an hour so their kids can have pictures taken with Santa. In such instances, a wait time management application could set your business apart from the rival Kris Kringle.

Instead of relying on a paper-and-pen reservation notebook, On Cue is versatile enough to serve a variety of operational needs.

Mall Santa

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the average shopping mall will hire two full-time Santas to meet with almost 8,000 children. Long lines can be frustrating. By the time they reach Santa, the kids and the parents are irritable, which doesn’t make for a good experience or a nice Christmas photo. With On Cue, customers can be remotely notified when their time with Santa is approaching, which frees them to continue shopping while they wait.

Tour of lights and ice castles

Some neighborhoods and city parks host Christmas lighting or ice castle events. These winter wonderlands are a popular annual tradition, but it can be a pain for families to stand outside in the cold, waiting for their turn. Guest status tools available through On Cue can allow hosts to set reasonable expectations for the wait time.

Ice skating

Some places set up small, temporary outdoor ice rinks during the holidays. These set-ups may have limited access to a power supply and, as a result, need a portable guest management solution. Since On Cue is a , no extra equipment is necessary. Everything can be done through an iPad. Since the tablet may also have a credit card processing app, employees can handle everything without being encumbered by a register or booth.

Sleigh rides

A holiday sleigh ride can be fun, except when the demand is greater than the number of horses and carriages available. On Cue provides the versatility of contacting guests by either text message or pager. Guests can then stroll the park while they wait to get a text to let them know it’s their turn.

“On Cue for Restaurants” has applications well beyond the restaurant industry.

Features include:

  • Paging to cell phones or guest pagers through a single interface (patented)
  • Efficient, three-step guest entry
  • Customizable text messaging
  • Quote time management tools and status indicators
  • Wait time tracking
  • View guest history
  • Easy re-paging
  • Table Management

A real Santa beard and a real Santa suit may be standard issue for every Mall Saint Nick, but improved wait time management will make a lasting impression on the parents who have to juggle shopping bags and hyperactive kids.


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Jason Barge is a marketing manager at LRS and an expert in communications for the hospitality industry.



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