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NetPage Unlimited Combines Paging And Text Messaging On A Global Scale In One Powerful System


ADDISON, TX—April 15, 2011 — Long Range Systems, Inc. (LRS) today announced the latest addition to their robust paging product line: NetPage Unlimited. This browser-based, wireless solution allows organizations of any industry or size to communicate via onsite paging, SMS text messaging or through email notifications.
“With NetPage Unlimited, you create a mini wide-area paging network,” said Long Range Systems President Ken Lovegreen. “It’s a sophisticated solution that’s incredibly easy to implement, but the result is you get the fastest paging solution available on the market today.”
NetPage Unlimited has four components: NetPage Server software that’s installed on a single networked PC, Transmit Controllers connected to the network and placed throughout the facility where pager messages are received, alphanumeric pagers, and user licenses required for any employee who has a pager, needs to send messages or must have access to a wait list.
The system runs in a standard web browser and is not confined to a PC, Mac or Linux-based computer, so everyone on the Local Area Network (LAN) with a web browser can use it — and the number of users is virtually unlimited. By using Transmit Controllers to eliminate dead spots, paging capabilities can be extended globally, allowing organizations to create a company-wide paging network encompassing all office locations.
NetPage Unlimited comes with a strong set of standard features that increases speed of communication and efficiency across the organization. The administrator can create global groups, automate alerts for every user or specific groups, set personal reminders, and use the telephone interface for paging staff from any phone. Guests receive immediate notifications and wait lists can be shared with multiple employees with the standard Wait List feature, but the optional enhanced Wait List offers advanced options such as a running time of how long a name is on the wait list before the page is sent or the cell phone is called, an overdraw time if a name is still on the list past the estimated wait time and much more.
Best of all, productivity can increase because the system sends automatic notification when tasks are assigned or completed through the NetPage Unlimited Task Manager. By knowing how quickly a task can be completed, it’s easy to identify where staff performance needs improvement or when to increase or decrease staff, which impacts labor costs. The system is a cost-saver in other ways: it automatically turns pagers on and off to increase battery life, and is compatible with all LRS staff and guest pagers and cell phones.
“NetPage Unlimited provides instant and silent communication to customers or staff members in hotels, hospitals or any other organization that requires this kind of immediate communication on a local or global scale,” said Long Range Systems Vice President of Sales, Jim Livingston. “By implementing NetPage Unlimited, our customers improve service and operate more efficiently, and depending on the industry, they can serve their customers better, gain the advantage over their competitors or both.”

For more information about NetPage Unlimited or other Long Range Systems products and services, please visit or call 1-800-437-4996.

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager

About Long Range Systems

Long Range Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of on-premise paging and messaging systems and guest management solutions sold globally and used in a variety of settings including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, daycares, amusement parks, churches, retirement and nursing homes, doctor/dentists offices, and more. LRS owns over 20 patents and markets over 30 products designed to streamline operations, improve service, and increase sales. For more information, contact Jason Barge at 800-437-4996 x 4126 or visit



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