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Case Study

LRS Paging System Enhances the Guest Experience at The Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa

Industry: Hospitality

“The paging system helps us make every client feel like they are the first and last guest we ever have.”


The Kura Door is the destination for Salt Lake City residents and guests looking to be pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated. The Holistic Japanese Spa is all about the client. Providing a consistently exceptional level of service means maintaining the pristine aesthetics of the spa and expeditiously attending to clients needs.

When guests arrive for their treatments, they expect their spa attendant to greet them immediately. But guests rarely arrive at their appointment time on the dot. Using LRS pagers, the front desk notifies attendants the moment a client arrives and attendants are free to focus on maintaining an immaculate facility while waiting for clients.

According to spa director Sara Vanderhoof, in a 7,000 square-foot facility, without the pagers, there would be no other way to efficiently communicate with staff.


The spa has two would-be competing goals: have spa attendants greet clients immediately upon arrival and simultaneously maximize attendants’ free time when they are not servicing clients. Both goals are essential to the spa’s reputation for providing an exceptional guest experience. Clients expect their attendant to be ready and waiting for them, but attendants are needed to help maintain the immaculate aesthetics of the spa while not with clients.


Using a paging system from LRS, The Kura Door was able to focus both on the priority of immediate attention to arriving guests and maintaining spotless, well-stocked facilities.

When a client checks in for a spa appointment, the front desk pages the spa attendant assigned to that client. Typically the attendant is able to make it to the lobby within 30 seconds to greet the client.

At the same time, the attendants are freed during downtime to maintain the aesthetics of the spa, cleaning, stocking snacks and towels, secure in the knowledge that they will be paged the moment their client arrives.The paging system then allows The Kura Door to provide an exceptional level of service to clients while maximizing the productivity of spa staff.`


Exceptional customer serivce
Clients of The Kura Door are received immediately by their spa attendant, an important distinction in a business that revolves around making the client feel important and valued at all times. Management can be instantly notified of any client needs that require attention.

Impeccable facilities
Staff is free to roam the spa and ensure that the facilities look fresh and untouched, amenities are stocked and the ambiance is pristine.

Increased productivity
Spa attendants are not tied to the waiting area and can maximize time not spent with clients contributing to other important functions.

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