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Case Study

Silent Paging Systems Improve Operational Efficiency for Doggie Daycare

Industry: Hospitality

“It works perfectly for what I was looking for. I love the system. It does everything I would like it to do. Our employees are more aware and efficient. They can serve our customers more quickly. It’s definitely sped up service for sure.”


Pets R People 2, a 24-hour cageless doggie daycare and boarding facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers a home away from home for family pets. The large 5,000 square foot indoor facility and additional 5,000 square foot outdoor area gives animals ample room to roam and play. With the help of a silent paging system, staff members are able to devote all of their attention to their furry guests.


Owner Jesse Clark describes his doggie daycare as a home away from home for his four-legged guests. The large concrete and steel facility with an indoor and outdoor play area accommodates up to 80 dogs on any given day. When it came time for owners to come pick up their dogs, their arrival would sound off a loud bell that would put the animals in a frenzy. “We used to have a doorbell, but it didn’t work out well. It would get the dogs overexcited and it causes behavioral problems. I’ve tried other systems but [the signals] don’t penetrate throughout the building,” said Clark. The challenge Clark faced was finding a silent way to alert staff wherever they were in the 10,000 square foot facility that customers have arrived to pick up their furry family members.


Clark installed LRS’ door sensor and equipped every four-man crew with holstered pagers. “It became a silent doorbell for us, so when people come in, it notifies all employees that someone is here. It keeps all of our packs calm,” said Clark. “It’s a lifesaver for us.”

Clark said his staff really appreciates that the use of the staff pagers makes them more efficient at their jobs. By replacing the noisy doorbell with the silent door sensor, Clark says the staff doesn’t have to worry about taking extra precautions or employing extra monitoring tactics, and they can now fully focus on their duties.


Increased Efficiency

Within the large doggie daycare, the four-man crew is tasked to watch the dog packs, monitor behavior, clean up after the dogs and also serve customers when they come to pick up their dogs. With the help of the silent pager, staff members are not tethered to the front desk and can complete their duties knowing they will be notified when a customer walks in.

Improved Guest and Staff Experience

With the help of the silent pagers, there is a decrease in behavioral issues among the dog groups that would typically get excited when they would hear a doorbell. The canine guests are able to roam and play freely with less frequent aggressive issues. When customers arrive to take home their pets, the staff is able to quickly and seamlessly find their pet and extract them from the group without alerting the entire pack. Staff members are able to tend to customers and their family pets much faster with the help of the pagers.

Reliable Equipment

Clark said his biggest concern was range and finding a system that could penetrate the concrete and steel facility to reach staff wherever they were in the 10,000 square foot facility. “It’s awesome how far the range is on that,” said Clark. Knowing that staff members are alerted immediately after a guest walks in gives them the flexibility to focus on their tasks without worrying a customer will not be tended to right away.

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