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LRS’ Table Tracker Polishes Fast Casual for Modern Market

Industry: Hospitality
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“Table Tracker has made our business better.”          Brian Anderson, Director of Technology Modern Market


Tabling Solutions for Operations

Fast food can be good food. This idea led to the creation of Modern Market Eatery in Boulder, Colorado, in 2009. The eatery is for those who see food as not just food, but as a reason to celebrate bold flavor and a vibrant community. Guests can expect fresh, market-made dishes that you can‘t help but crave. Modern Market’s goal is for customers to feel at ease when gathering around their tables with friends, family or even dining with a laptop.

Modern Market quickly grew to over 30 locations. With customer needs as the highest priority, Modern Market’s culture started shifting from a self-service model to a casual experience. The team set to elevate the guest experience while addressing the growing dining room needs. Their operational model was for customers to receive a pager at the time they placed their order. When pagers beeped, customer would return the pager to the food pick-up station where they would retrieve their meal. During busy times, customers would sometimes gather in front of the meal prep counter and could, in some cases, inadvertently grab the wrong meal. As a fast-casual concept, speed of service is key to the Modern Market experience. As the business grew, Modern Market realized they needed to find another way to keep their easy atmosphere.

In partnership with Long Range Systems, Modern Market elevated their dining experience in their Boulder and Colorado Springs restaurants with LRS Table Tracker. This product gives their customers the flexibility to choose where they sit and have their meals delivered. This let’s your staff efficiently deliver ordered items while still providing a casual environment. Modern Market Operations made the transition to the easy-to-use Table Tracker solution and customers were delighted with the new system. Table Tracker quickly became known as a reliable and easy to use tool inside Modern Market restaurants. In addition to showing the customers’ table, Table Tracker allows restaurants to measure performance over time and across multiple locations.

Tracking The Mood

Modern Market received overwhelmingly positive comments from their guests. This feedback accelerated the decision to migrate additional restaurants to Table Tracker. Guests were suddenly enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that Modern Market had hoped for. Soon after, the Modern Market operations team set Table Tracker as the tool to use moving forward.



In 2018, Modern Market added a new location in Plano, Texas (Plano Town Crossing). This was the first in the Modern Market group to implement an updated kitchen design that included Table Tracker and the integrated video system. Brian Anderson, Director of Technology at Modern Market, was involved in all aspects of implementation. Anderson worked closely with LRS’ Senior Implementation Specialist Carey Hitchcock to become knowledgeable on product installation. Together, they developed a quick and easy process to expedite the installation at additional Modern Market restaurants.

Table Talk

Modern Market is delighted with the improvements that Table Tracker has brought to their business operations. According to Anderson, “Table Tracker has made our business better.” As Modern Market plans to expand their business, they will continue to integrate Table Tracker into their operations.


Precise location – LRS’ technology can pinpoint where customers are, this includes indoor tables or outdoor patios. This reduced the need to search for customers or shout out names and numbers.

Data and analytics – Tracking your goals is important to keep restaurant managers ahead of the competition. Each restaurant can see live performance stats and history. Corporate offices can compare and contrast unit performance, ensure quality, and measure locations against goals.

Teamwork – When your back and front of the house are in-sync, success is natural. Table Tracker supports multiple displays that are always visible and synchronized. To-go counters can manage and view orders independently, dine-in food runners can view and manage theirs, and the kitchen can view their stand-alone panel to oversee operations.

Manager alerts – LRS understands that Restaurant Owners and managers are always on the clock. Managers can set alerts to learn immediately when business performance is subpar or meeting your goals by receiving a text or page. Manage your restaurants remotely with peace of mind.

We are available – LRS Customer Support will be available throughout the process and at all times to help implement, launch, and serve your business.


To learn more about how LRS can customize a solution for your restaurant service experience, Call 1800-577-8101 or CLICK HERE .



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