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How to get the most from your LRS Table Tracker system










Your LRS Table Tracker location system is an important part of your operations. Long Range Systems knows this tool can provide you with years of reliable service when given the right level of care. Our customer support team suggests the following guidelines to keep your product working at peak condition

  • Cycle through trackers to equalize their usage by placing them in different stacks or rearranging the stacks over time
  • Clean trackers with a damp cloth periodically to clean charging pins and keep your equipment looking great
  • Use the iPad exclusively for the Table Tracker app to avoid conflicts and impacts to performance
  • Avoid getting trackers wet and never submerge them in water or any other liquid
  • Keep trackers on the charging station at all times when not in use
  • Store trackers within 6 inches of Start, To-Go, and Clear units
  • Clear trackers before placing them on the charger
  • Never place the Gateway on a metal surface

Have additional questions about your Table Tracker system? Avoid the wait by using our new customer support chat service. Click here to chat with a representative now! 



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