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Measuring Restaurant Data to Streamline Operations

Jason's Deli

Before the fast-casual concept existed, consumers were willing to take low-quality customer service for quickly made and delivered food. Now, as people begin to expand their knowledge on food quality, the desire to settle for fast food has subsided. High-quality food and an inviting atmosphere are no longer only associated with pricey menus and five-course meals. With easily measurable data, fast casuals now have the ability to streamline operations—while serving better food faster.

Jason’s Deli, a veteran quick-service concept, implemented the LRS restaurant table management system, Table Tracker, in order to efficiently prioritize and deliver orders. For most quick-service restaurants, optimizing the guest experience has always been a top priority; but without the measurable data this table locator system offers, finding ways to improve ticket times can be difficult.

“Instead of looking for four numbers on one table, our food runners can find customers a lot easier and don’t have to walk by the same table four times to find one number with Table Tracker,” said Chris Nicholas, Manager at Jason’s Deli.

The system gives food runners visibility into their performances, elevating their sense of ownership around the customer experience. When you improve your customer experience and become more efficient with each step of your operation, you’re sure to see greater repeat business and a stronger bottom line.

If you’re still unclear on the importance of streamlining restaurant operations through the use of measurable data, check out the Table Tracker Case Study on Jason’s Deli or watch one of our video testimonials:




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