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LRS Electronic Survey Tool Ensures Ongoing Success in Patient Satisfaction

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During the presidential debate, both the president and former governor Mitt Romney mentioned how successful health care systems work well when there’s a combination of high-quality care and customer satisfaction levels. Success of many medical facilities may be attributed, in part, to measuring and reacting to patient feedback. Allegiant, a Long Range Systems (LRS) electronic surveying system, designed to provide instant feedback from patients on premise, helps boost patient satisfaction levels and operational efficiency.

Hospitals and other medical facilities see optimizing the patient experience as a crucial part in providing quality health careā€”and view effective communication between doctors and their patients as fundamental. Making sure internal operations run smoothly has been an integral part in the success of many health care businesses. It’s important to have everybody in one integrated system, with access to the same information, in order to give the same quality of care across each step in the health care process. With these electronic survey tools, doctors are instantly notified upon any negative patient response and can react accordingly. The utilization of Allegiant can assist in improving patient-staff communication and operational efficiency.

Find out how an electronic survey system can help improve your customer satisfaction levels



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