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Mighty River Brewery Leverages VEN-U for 24/7 Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Data Analytics

Mighty River Brewery Leverages VEN-U for 24/7 Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Data Analytics

Author: David Burrows

RICHARDSON, Texas, Aug. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mighty River Brewery, like every microbrewery in the U.S., creates special branded beers with a series of processes which takes several weeks to craft into a variety of high-quality beverages. The process is exact and time consuming. If a cooler, pump, or other equipment malfunctions, it could potentially cost the brewery a week or more of inventory, and that’s expensive.

That potential for significant loss of inventory prompted Mighty River Brewery to explore solutions. After research and discussion of capabilities, VEN-U, became the answer. VEN-U by Long Range Systems is a new Operations Management System (OMS) platform, which enables any business to engage, manage, and monitor guests, staff, and sites. Combined with in-depth data reporting, VEN-U also provides real-time insights, trends and analysis for businesses to maximize operational efficiency via wireless sensors and BLE beacons for Real-Time Location Services (RTLS). Remote sensors can monitor various environmental aspects like access and entry, humidity, temperature, water presence, vibration, voltage, changes in light and even the presence of specific gasses.

“We are very pleased with VEN-U Sensors as a solution to remotely monitoring our site and brewing process. Our brewery creates 14 different types of beer so our brewmaster has set specific thresholds for those processes to constantly monitor temperatures, humidity, functionality and activity”, said Dan Miller, owner of the brewery.

“If any part of our brewing process moves outside the range of our preset thresholds, we instantly receive an SMS text message or phone call so that we can act quickly to resolve issues and save inventory. It’s like having an assistant brewmaster on site 24 hours a day – everyday”, said brewmaster, Tim Miller.

In addition to monitoring the brew process, VEN-U Sensors also relay data as to when people leave the building and even sends a text to management once all of the employees have left for the evening. “That information can be compared against our timecards for payroll and schedule verification”, added Dan.

VEN-U Sensors are one feature set of the larger and more comprehensive OMS or Operations Management Solution that can monitor dozens and even hundreds of a venue’s operational elements.

Our new technology platform is a natural evolution of our traditional business model. With VEN-U, we’re opening up new opportunities for businesses in different industries to deploy robust and scalable solutions to run their operations efficiently”, said John Weber, President and CEO of Long Range Systems.

“We saw the opportunity in the market to develop technology that is seamless and easy to use but provides immediate and long-term ROI for operations management”, Weber added.

VEN-U offers engagement, operational management, and remote monitoring of sites and gathers data based on guest, staff, and sensor data to optimize operations for smarter venue management. Precise location technology enables accurate delivery of orders to guests inside, outside or even curbside.

The VEN-U platform is perfect for restaurants, QSRs, distilleries, and wineries but can also be used in any location, which manages the flow of guests, staff and assets. Other industry applications include warehouse, automotive, medical, retail, health and fitness, manufacturing, and transportation settings like airports and public transportation.

Scalable technologies employed by VEN-U include Bluetooth beacons, wireless sensors, mobile applications and customizable dashboards to remotely analyze in-depth, real-time data. VEN-U’s solutions can reduce operational costs, increase revenues and help businesses extend their brand to lift the guest experience for better engagement and upsells.

About VEN-U

VEN-U enables any business to engage, manage, and monitor guests, staff, and sites. Combined with in-depth data reporting, VEN-U provides real-time insights and analysis for businesses to enhance guest engagement and maximize operational efficiency.

VEN-U technologies empower businesses to manage their operations while improving the entire guest experience. VEN-U provides solutions via wireless communication systems, remote sensors, Bluetooth, beacons, and mobile applications. Our patented technologies are in over 80,000 businesses and 50 countries around the world via our parent company, Long Range Systems.

From paging systems to comprehensive venue management, find out how we can help your business thrive because Smart Venues Start Here™.

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